The Evolution of an FLR

First let me emphasize that there is no one way to do any Power Exchange relationship.  I’m speaking about where my Queen and I are at this moment and about what is working for us.  Recently as chronicled here, our FLR took a turn.  My Queen had felt some pressure to do certain things and act in a certain way.  This was pressure that I didn’t mean to apply, but was managing to do so regardless.  After reading Ms. Rika’s first book together, we had many good conversations and things changed.  After 7 years of being caged (virtually 365/24/7), I am uncaged now.  It’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve had the cage on–to be honest I have no idea of whether it will return occasionally or not.  That is up to my Queen and she just doesn’t like it.  In a weird way I miss it–it was a huge part of my life for so long.  But I’ve committed to serving my Queen–so her likes are the important thing.  I’m still required to sit to pee when I’m at home. And this has become quite ingrained so it’s not difficult at all.  I do admit that using urinals while out and about make my life easier, lol, and certain exercises at the gym are also easier without a cage!  But I do miss it.  I suspect that she may have me wear it on rare occasions.

So what does our FLR look like now?  In many ways it is much the same as before, but I am doing more to make my Queen’s life easier.  It means my days have less free time than they did previously, but I am happy to please my Queen.  She is slowly getting better at not feeling guilty about expecting me to do her bidding while she relaxes. So we continue to evolve.  And while I am no longer caged, I am still not allowed to masturbate (really that has been conditioned out of me now… lol).  Likewise orgasms are still rare for me.  She has had me provide my own “salad dressing” a couple of time though.  That’s kind of hot for me…  I have a video of this, but need to figure out how to post videos on this new platform.  One day soon…lol  Stay well!

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