My Most Embarrassing Kink

So imagine my surprise when I discovered a file with some of my previous blog’s posts stored within it.  So I hope to eventually repost them here–though I no longer have the artwork in most cases.  This post was originally published on June 9, 2021 and was the last post prior to my original blog being erased.  So perhaps it was the straw that broke the camel’s back…lol

The Post:

This post is not suitable for work!  It deals with golden showers.

I’m in a great relationship.  I love my Queen and she loves me.  We laugh, have fun together and support each other.  The sex we have is volcanic.  In my first marriage, there were things I never told my wife.  After all, if simple and what I consider small kinks are rejected out of hand, bringing up more extreme kinks is not going to happen.

So I decided to be up front when I started dating after my first wife and I split up.  I wanted to make sure that whomever I ended up with was compatible sexually with me.

I therefore broached some uncomfortable subjects with my Queen very early on–some on our first date even!  She was receptive and didn’t make me feel stupid or freakish.  But I still didn’t tell her everything.

After we had been dating for a while–maybe 6 months–I took the plunge and told her about needing to be dominated.  She is a very strong woman who is dominant in many aspects of her life so she agreed to try it.  She was good at it, though she found it was work to stay in character.  She doesn’t like to treat me harshly or firmly, but she has improved greatly in this.  We tended to do occasional weekends where I was her slave or sometimes evenings after the kids were in bed.  It wasn’t all the time.

Wanting to learn more, she contacted a pro-domme in the city and arranged a two hour session for the two of us.  It was to be part of my birthday present.  She would learn from the domme and I would be the slave of both of them.  It was an exciting evening and I enjoyed it immensely.  Life was good and kept getting better but I still hadn’t told her of one of my kinks.

Finally one night while she was in dominatrix mode, I told her my desires.  I liked to be peed on–and I liked it on my face!  I’m not sure if I told her I liked to drink it at that point.  Maybe 0r maybe not!  It would become clear soon afterwards anyways.  Telling her this was very difficult for me.  I had never been more open with anyone and yet this felt shameful to me!  However she still didn’t make be feel awful.  She remained open and we discussed it.

She agreed to give it a try.  In her home (we each had our own homes at this point), she had a large oversized jacuzzi tub.  It was longer, wider, and deeper than a conventional tub.  As she was dominating me, I was already naked.  And as she drinks litres of water every day, it wouldn’t be long before she needed to pee.  A short while later she told me to go and get into the tub.  She followed me into the room.  “So how do we go about this?” she asked.  She climbed into the tub as well and after trying out several positions, we figured out one that would work.  I was kneeling between her thighs and was in perfect position to please her orally.

Now there is such a thing as bein “pee shy”.  Despite my Queen needing to go very badly, it wasn’t happening.  She laughed and seemed embarrassed.  I told her it would happen and not to worry.  I suggested she turn on the sink tap–that maybe the sound of running water might help her let go.  After a little while, she started to dribble and I feverishly started to lap at her pussy drinking her at the same time.  She started to relax and suddenly I was immersed in a deluge of golden liquid.  I drank and kept licking and teasing her.  She was excited and came just as she finished peeing!  It was a very satisfying experience for the both of us.

Giving me golden showers became something that happened regularly!  The pee shyness did not return.  We started doing it in a variety of ways.  Sometimes I get to drink from the source.  Sometimes she pees into a glass and I drink it.  Once at a fet night, she took a beer cup into the washroom, filled it, and gave it to me on exiting!  I walked around that event as her slave while drinking her urine.

My Queen peeing with her funnel

The original post had a short video at this point.  I no longer have that video–and I haven’t figured out how to include videos on this blog anyways… One of these days! lol

I’m still working on my Femdom Wedding post and I have decided to try and include more detail in my posts here.  A reader suggested to me that she appreciates details and that many of my posts are lacking them.  Looking at my posts from my first blog and comparing them to the ones I have found, I have to agree.


  1. It sounds like you and your Queen have built a strong and trusting relationship, especially in the realm of exploring your sexual desires together. It’s incredibly brave and commendable that you were able to open up about your kinkier desires, even though they felt shameful at first.

    Communication and mutual understanding seem to be the cornerstone of your relationship, which is fantastic. It’s evident that you both respect each other’s boundaries and are willing to explore new experiences together. The fact that your Queen was open to trying something new, even though it might have been outside of her comfort zone initially, speaks volumes about the strength of your connection.

    It’s great to hear that you’ve found satisfaction and fulfillment in exploring golden showers together. It seems like it has become a mutually enjoyable aspect of your intimate life. And the variety in how you incorporate it shows a level of creativity and willingness to keep things fresh and exciting.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with such honesty and openness. It’s a reminder that there’s no one “right” way to explore intimacy in a relationship, as long as it’s consensual and brings fulfillment to both partners.

    I can’t find the follow button, neither can I subscribe to your blog, I would like to receive them in my inbox. Please let me know how can I do so ?

    1. Author

      Hi Kiran, I will have to get back to you about that… I thought I had set it up so that following was possible. Thanks for your comment. Now I do have some work to do. Why can’t you follow me? To be honest I have had continual problems with my email connections to this blog. I suspect that is what is making it impossible for you to follow me.

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