So recently, my Queen competed in her first ever body building competition.  She did amazingly well.  I’m so proud of her.  She was the oldest competitor and she was not out of place!  The effort and discipline to compete in these events is really difficult to maintain.  The cost to compete is also amazing…lol

Hours before the show–Front view
Rear view just prior to going downstairs for the show.


Now that we are through one show though, we are aware of the ins-and-outs.  For instance all competitors get a spray tan.  For females, this is received in the nude and they don’t miss a spot.  The original tan is done the day before the show, and then on the day of the show, they strip down again and get touch-ups so that the tan is perfect.  Hair and make-up are done.  The competition suit is put on along with the CFM shoes, and the competition happens.  Because the competition suit is so small, my Queen had to completely shave her pubic area!  This is something that I love and so the competition is the gift that keeps on giving!  My Queen entered two different classes in the show.  She was in the 35+ and also the 45+ class.  She won 4th place in the 35+ division and 5th place in the 45+ division.  These were great results for a woman in her late 50’s doing her first competition.


Proof positive that they don’t miss a spot with the spray on tan!

Leaving the show behind, we finished L’October on Nov. 14th.  We actually started it in August… so it was a long month! lol  However my Queen had me out of the cage on Nov. 15th. She has indicated to me that we might be doing Deny December, so Christmas might be a caged event!  We’ve had sex numerous times–obviously many times I’ve been caged over the past 80 or so days…   Strangely, that makes me even hotter.  I really enjoy pleasing my Queen–there isn’t really anything I enjoy more than that.  The concept of wearing my cage while I’m pleasing her really makes it all about her and that is again a major turn on for me!


So my Queen and I have been on a bit of a fitness journey that has escalated in the past 6 months.   She is preparing for her first ever body-building show.  I am trying to get into the type of condition that might allow me to compete in such a show.  I am a long ways away from competition–a very long ways…  However my Queen is rounding into form nicely.  We’re about 4 weeks away from her show.  I will post pics once we get to that position.  I seem to take a very long time to build muscle.  We both are at the gym daily, and change is happening for me too, but my changes are moving much more slowly than hers.  Regardless, we are both progressing.

It’s L’October again.  I have been caged 24/7 since sometime in July.  The last several times we’ve had sex, I’ve been caged–and a couple of times I’ve been dressed.  This is a cool development.  Being used for her pleasure without getting any physical pleasure myself is a long held fantasy of mine.  Indeed the last time I had an orgasm was on Aug 6th–I believe I was still caged for that one.  It has become evident that I can orgasm in the cage.  I can’t achieve that myself, but with my Queen’s help I can get there.  The excitement of pleasing her helps greatly on that front.   So it will be interesting to see how long I remain caged.  I was out briefly on Aug 28th as I had an appointment with my urologist.  Didn’t want to involve him in my kink.  We’ve never done the full month of November or December, but perhaps this year will be different.

A by-product of training for her first show is the fatigue.  My Queen is at the gym twice a day everyday.  She does about 2 hours cardio and then later goes back to do her weights.  With her job she is always on the go.  So her libido has been effected and she isn’t often horny.  With the added fact that we have two kids back with us for a while, there isn’t a lot of opportunity for sex. So the frequency of our sexual lives has diminished as we approach her show.  A sad fact, but understandable.  I am doing almost all household chores both inside and out.  This frees her to do her thing.

A female body builder courtesy of Pinterest. Not my Queen but beautiful nonetheless.

Last note:  Ms. Rika’s husband and slave has written a new book.  It’s written from his perspective as a submissive male and slave to Ms Rika.  I think it will be a fascinating read.  It is available from several vendors, and is called “At Rika’s Whim”

It’s a while since I posted as I’m frustrated with this platform.  Since I switched to this methodology, I’ve had nothing but issues.  I received an email from someone who has told me that they can’t access my content.  I then tried myself and couldn’t access it as a viewer.  Now sometimes I can, but often I can’t.  I have some sort of issue with the email function here as well.  It’s annoying and frustrating.  Hopefully one of these days, I’ll get it figured out.

I’m now retired and strangely seem to have less time than I had while working! lol  My Queen is preparing to compete in her first ever body-building competition and I’m trying to get into the best shape I’ve ever been–not conditioning, but shape!  I don’t think I’ll ever match my earlier levels of conditioning, but that’s ok.  I’d like to be able to post short videos and still have to figure that out amongst other things. I started this post a month ago…lol  My wife’s competition is only 7 weeks away.  She is l00king great, but still has a ways to go to finish getting into competition shape.  When you compete in body building, you have a spray on tan.  As a woman peeing without damaging this tan is difficult, so they suggest you get a pee funnel.  These things are sold all over the place, but we purchased one from Amazon.  Using it will allow her not to damage her tan and to also protect her competition suit.  It arrived a couple of weeks ago.  Here she is trying it out for the first time!

It worked very well.  We can also see taking it for walks so that if she does need to go, she doesn’t have to squat in the woods!  lol

My shape is changing too.  In time I think I’d like to compete as well, but I’m away further away from being ready!

I am weeks away from saying “Bye” to my place of employment.  In many ways I look forward to whatever is ahead of me.  In some ways I will miss what I’ve spent the majority of my life doing.  Friends are planning a party and I’m looking forward to that.  It will be nice to see people as for some of them, it’s been a long time since last we met.  It will be interesting to see whether my Queen has me caged or uncaged for the event.  There will be lots of hugs I’m sure, so a caged me might be “felt” during the hugs.  Not my issue though, so I’ll just do as I’m told.  I will be increasing my time and efforts in the gym.  I’d like to try and become as fit as I’ve ever been.  That is one goal that I have for retirement.  I’d also like to travel more and work on my guitar playing skills.  Maybe even start to play the piano again.  One of the things I am definitely looking forward to is serving my Queen more completely.  As I’ll be around the house more often–a lot more often, I will be better able to wait on her and fill her needs.  That is one of the things that turns me on.

When we’re alone, my costume is supposed to be an apron–and nothing else…  well my cage as well… lol


Adult children are both so nice to have and at times a pain.  Our son has been out of work for the last few months–the good news is, he has a job starting next week.  The bad news is he’s always at home.  So we haven’t really had any quality alone time since before my father died.  It will happen and soon I hope, but when exactly we’re not sure!  We thought we’d have time this weekend as he spoke of going away for the weekend, but this morning he decided to wait until income was coming in again.  So the weekend alone we were looking forward to has vanished like a puff of smoke.  lol

This means we will have date time tomorrow morning when we awake and he is hopefully sleeping.  We’ve been trying to make this happen every week though at times it’s difficult.  My Queen gets antsy if she goes too long without an orgasm and we start to become detached.  This helps to keep our bond strong.