Sometimes we just have to get away.  So we booked a hotel room and travelled to a nearby city to see a play.  The beauty of this is that we leave all kids behind… Despite it being just an overnight trip, we had some high quality time together.  We left just after noon and had an early dinner at an excellent steak house.  Because we were going to be having a metal detector wanded over us and my queen wanted easy access to Angus, she removed my cage before we left. We checked into our hotel which was surprisingly nice and went to the theatre.  We enjoyed the performance before returning to the hotel where we relaxed together before going to sleep.  As I kissed my Queen good night, she decided she wanted an orgasm.  Using my mouth and a vibrator, my Queen had a lovely orgasm and we went to sleep.  In the morning, we played some more and my Queen had another three orgasms.  It was a great time and we both had a fabulous time.  No orgasms for me, but I’m content!

Regardless of who you are, it is always important to make time for each other.  These mini “vacations” help to break things up and keep life interesting and full.  I hope to regularly schedule something similar until we can actually get away for an extended period of time.

So one of the things I’ve been doing for years is keeping track of orgasms both my Queen and I have.  It’s a lot more work to tally up my Queen’s than mine though! lol  We started chastity in the fall of 2014.  In our first efforts, my Queen was reluctant to deny me.  She couldn’t understand how much more excited I was about her pleasure than my own.  So our first try a this was successful but only lasting 2.5 months.  In that time, my Queen had 61 orgasms while I had 10 and 2 more that were ruined.  If you actually look at that time frame, my Queen was pretty good for much of the time, but as we approached the end of our agreement, she allowed me or had me cum numerous times which took my totals up to the stratospheric number of 10!  lol

After allowing a little time to think about how things went, we continued our journey and my Queen gradually began to get good at denial.  She likes to tease me until I’m close to popping off and then shutting things down.  In the decade since then, I have gone 485 days and another time 526 days between orgasms!  The 526 days is my record though for both of those periods I didn’t even have a ruined orgasm!  So the total numbers since we started this journey are 1666 orgasms for my Queen and 51 for me with an additional 10 ruined orgasms.  When you consider that 10 of mine and 2 of the ruined ones fell in the first 2.5 months, you’ll realize how seldom I actually orgasm.

In 2023 our numbers break down as follows:  My Queen had 119 orgasms while I had 3 plus 4 ruined.  My Queen is funny in that she will deny me for months and then decide I’m to cum 2-3 times in a short period of time.  For instance when I went the 526 days, she decided I would orgasm  and then had me orgasm 3 more times that month.  So I went a year and a half without an orgasm only to cum 4 times in one month–or perhaps I should say only to feed 4 times in one month!  She is very good at making sure I clean my messes–seems to turn her on a little!  The beauty of it is that anything that turns her on also turns me on.  It’s a win win!

Masturbation just isn’t part of my life anymore!

Life has changed for me in a big way!  I used to masturbate daily or even more frequently…  And now, I only masturbate if told to–and only if my Queen removes my cage.  I guess I have evolved.  But the thing is, I like being horny and I love giving my Queen pleasure!  For me that’s what it’s all about!

So at this point in time, I have been caged for years.  It is second nature to me now–I don’t feel right without the cage.  However it was only about 9-10 years ago that I actually became aware of cock cages.  My Queen and I were walking together in a local sex shop (Stag Shop) and I noticed this particular cock cage.  Neither of us had ever seen one before and while my Queen wasn’t particularly taken with it, it immediately pushed all my submissive buttons.  Later I went back by myself and purchased it.  To be honest, I got lucky.  The cage actually fit pretty well.  I wore it off and on for about 6 months before I let my Queen discover it on me.  We went that way for quite a while with me wearing the cage for 2-5 days at a time.  Over time my Queen became more accustomed to the idea and we finally had a big discussion about the cage and my wearing it on a regular basis.  By this time, I had already bought a custom Jailbird by Mature Metal. However that is another story…


My first cage. It came with a hinged ring and was fortunately not a tube style design.

This is the only cage I’ve owned with a hinged ring.  I had to cut a piece of leather to put under the ring where the lock attaches.  This was to prevent pinching which I will admit to being quite unpleasant.  However once I put the leather there, the problem went away.  Like most cage designs where there are lots of openings, hygiene was easy to manage with this cage.  Further, with the sizing rings from Mature Metal and their measurement instructions this cage helped me get the perfect sized Jailbird.

What this cage taught me was how much I liked metal cages.  It taught me that open design cages could be easily cleaned as could the penis inside of them.  It also taught me that hinged rings were likely not the best way to go.  So for the last 8-9 years, I’ve been caged in my Jailbird almost exclusively.  I have tried other cages for short periods since then, but my Jailbird has been my cage of choice.  I will try and review the other cages I’ve used in upcoming posts.

The pinch point in this cage was the spot where the lock attached.

On another note, I  discovered Krystine”s FLR Podcast shortly before my first blog was terminated.  In fact I had agreed to be a guest on her blog.  Then I lost my blog and that plan seemed to evaporate.  Recently I rediscovered her blog and have been listening to it from the first episode.  I’m now into the second year.  Krystine is a dominant woman whose husband wears a cage and is submissive to her.  This is one of the podcasts I listen to regularly and I recommend it to you.  I use Spotify to listen though I’m certain other podcast sevices will also carry it.  Give Krystine a listen!

About 5 years ago, my Queen had a hysterectomy.  Her uterus was prolapsed and this was the treatment advised.  For a few months penetrative sex was not to happen as healing had to take place.  Then the day arrived where we could resume intercourse–it didn’t work as it had before.  Angus is quite thick and my Queen experienced all kinds of difficulty/pain when I entered her.  We’ve tried all sorts of things and she has seen the surgeon at least twice since then.  She uses a hormonal ring to try and help things.  We use lots of lube, but to this day, she has great difficulty accepting Angus.  We do have a few toys though.  Some are even bigger than Angus (both length and girth) while others are not.  Recently we decided to try and do “penis practice” daily or every second day at worse.

Penis practice??  This occurs in the evening when my Queen is going to bed.  I warm up two toys by leaving them in a pot of hot water for some time.  Then I take the skinniest one and lube it up before inserting it slowly and carefully into my Queen.  I try and move it in for it’s whole length though that doesn’t always happen.  If it’s not to uncomfortable, I will slowly and gently move it in and out a bit.  After about 10 minutes, I remove it slowly and insert the thicker one.  Much the same happens after it is inside her.  If she is feeling good, when I remove that one, she will have me remove the cage and insert Angus.  So far this has only happened once, but I was able to move reasonably vigorously that time.  Positioning was limited, but she enjoyed herself.  When she decided she’d had enough, she had me remove Angus and stroke him to orgasm in my hand.  I then cleaned my hand with my mouth–I am supposed to always drink my cum after I orgasm.

These are the two Dildoes we are using to hopefully reopen my Queen. The one on the left is a little shorter and skinnier than the one on the right. Both are far skinnier than Angus


The hope is that this regularity and consistent penetration will one day allow my Queen to experience aggressive penetration as she once enjoyed.  We’re also trying to see a different gynocologist for a second opinion.  The doctor who did the original surgery says that there shouldn’t be any issues–but then he’s not hurting his wife any time he penetrates her.

A side effect of this is that often when we have sex, she leaves me caged.  After all, Angus won’t be getting any use.  This excites me tremendously.  I so love to give her orgasms and despite getting all excited not be permitted to cum myself.  So in a small way this is a plus.  I think that even if we have success with this method, my Queen will leave me caged far more often when we have sex–and that’s a good thing!

Preparing food for my Queen

One of my kinks is Clothed Female naked male (CFnm).  In fact my car license plate has this as part of it’s lettering.  lol  My Queen is of course aware of this and my exhibitionist tendencies.  She decided I should have a costume I wear whenever we are home alone.  Now with a 22 year old son around, this isn’t as often as we would like, but whenever he’s gone, I’m dressed as she decided.  I’m supposed to be naked and wearing an apron.  At times I’m also required to wear a collar or add the zapper.  If she has me uncaged, I’m always supposed to have the zapper on.  I basically wear one of two aprons.  The one shown in these photos and another one with “Slave Boy” inscribed on it.

Curtsying to my Queen

Angus isn’t typically visible while wearing the aprons, but can easily be shown if requested by my Queen.  Regardless of whether or not I’m dressed as she requested (presence of son/children dependent), I work at making my Queen’s life easier.  We eat a lot of clean and non-processed food.  I cook for my Queen so she needn’t worry about that.  I’ll make her coffee/tea–and she’s very particular about how it’s made.  I do laundry–any ironing she needs I do as she hates to iron.  Dishes are another of my responsibilities.  I maintain the property outside as well.  Ultimately, I try and allow her time to relax and rejuvenate while I deal with all the things that need doing.  Sometimes despite my protests, my Queen will help and do certain tasks.  However she is getting better at allowing me to do the lion’s share of the work and in time she might not do anything at all.  We do have days where she does nothing around the house.  We have a cleaner who comes in once a week.  However if something needs cleaning and can’t wait, then I do whatever is needed.  It’s what a good slave will do!