Since we decided to try and follow Ms. Rika’s methodology, I have been striving to serve my Queen and make her life easier!  But we’ve gone through some changes over these months.  At first I was caged without respite 24/7.  Then she decided I wasn’t to be caged anymore.  This resulted in me going free for about 6-8 weeks.  This was weird to me as I had been caged for so long.  It was weird to be able to use a urinal at work…lol  However about 3 weeks ago, she decided that during the day I would be caged and also would wear the zapper.  At night I would remove both for sleep.  Then last week, she had me stay caged for 5 days straight even when sleeping.  I’ve slept in the cage for about 7 years, so that is nothing for me, but it marked a change in her desires.  I don’t ask about the cage at all.  I just have decided to comply with all her wishes.  Serving her is not about me!

For those that are unaware, the zapper is a small dog collar that sends an electric shock.  This shock can be set at different intensities.  When wrapped around the scrotum, it sends a distinct message to me as quickly as she can press a button on the remote.  In other words, regardless of what I am doing or where I am in the house, she can “call” me effortlessly at the push of a button.  I have learned to quickly respond to her “query”… lol   The maximum shock is definitely something that gets my attention!

These pictures are of Angus caged and set up to be zapped whenever my Queen wishes.  For the foreseeable future, this is how I will be daily.

Living in Canada, we have one of the great countries of the world with many wonderful things.  However yesterday it became apparent once again how dependent we all are on our technology.  One of the largest providers of internet services in Canada lost service yesterday.  Rumours that I’ve heard say the cause was a Tornado thousands of miles away from us and yet it effected every Canadian.  This company controls/runs the debit for the whole country.  So at the moment, no one in Canada can use a debit machine–credit or cash only!  And if the company is your provider, then you have no phone service nor internet.  Somehow I believe there should be a much better backup system.  My father panicked yesterday when he had no television and phone.  Those are his lifelines and as he’s almost completely immobile, he relies on them for contact with the outside world and also for entertainment.  A media release last night suggested that they were working feverishly to correct the problem… duh… You think???  No time frame for repairs were given.

On the chastity front I think I’m approaching almost 2 months cage free.  My Queen has decided she prefers easy access.  I kind of miss it–but if I serve her, then I need to do what she wants.  This morning she slept in.  Like the good slave I am, I merely lay beside her without disturbing her.  At one point she threw off the covers.

It was all I could do to leave her alone… lol

First let me emphasize that there is no one way to do any Power Exchange relationship.  I’m speaking about where my Queen and I are at this moment and about what is working for us.  Recently as chronicled here, our FLR took a turn.  My Queen had felt some pressure to do certain things and act in a certain way.  This was pressure that I didn’t mean to apply, but was managing to do so regardless.  After reading Ms. Rika’s first book together, we had many good conversations and things changed.  After 7 years of being caged (virtually 365/24/7), I am uncaged now.  It’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve had the cage on–to be honest I have no idea of whether it will return occasionally or not.  That is up to my Queen and she just doesn’t like it.  In a weird way I miss it–it was a huge part of my life for so long.  But I’ve committed to serving my Queen–so her likes are the important thing.  I’m still required to sit to pee when I’m at home. And this has become quite ingrained so it’s not difficult at all.  I do admit that using urinals while out and about make my life easier, lol, and certain exercises at the gym are also easier without a cage!  But I do miss it.  I suspect that she may have me wear it on rare occasions.

So what does our FLR look like now?  In many ways it is much the same as before, but I am doing more to make my Queen’s life easier.  It means my days have less free time than they did previously, but I am happy to please my Queen.  She is slowly getting better at not feeling guilty about expecting me to do her bidding while she relaxes. So we continue to evolve.  And while I am no longer caged, I am still not allowed to masturbate (really that has been conditioned out of me now… lol).  Likewise orgasms are still rare for me.  She has had me provide my own “salad dressing” a couple of time though.  That’s kind of hot for me…  I have a video of this, but need to figure out how to post videos on this new platform.  One day soon…lol  Stay well!

So at this point in time, I can say that without question my marriage to my Queen has never been better.  We have always had a good marriage, but with the discovery of Ms. Rika’s books, we’ve progressed and have evolved.  In fact, I have been uncaged for the last two or three weeks.  After so many years of being caged almost constantly, that is a big change.  I admit to being unused to using the urinals at work…lol  I’m not sure what will become of the cage.  I obviously found sleeping and living in it easy to do, but my Queen has always disliked it.  Over the years her reasons for allowing/making me stay caged have changed and fluctuated, but with our discussions on me serving her, it became clear that my wearing a cage was serving me more than her.  She may at times have me wear it, but she likes the easy access that a cage prohibits.  So we will see where this goes.

Each week I read to my Queen–we have been working our way through Ms. Rika’s books and have almost finished the second book.  When I read to her, we often pause and discuss things that we have read.  We also evaluate how the proceeding week has gone.  I’ve always done a lot of stuff around the house, but I’m doing more now.  My Queen is actually doing less and relaxing more.  Her guilt over this still exists, but is getting better.

While not my Queen, the logo is something I believe! lol This shirt is available from Etsy store “611 Clothing Co” and the pic is taken from there.


I do hope that in time, she will begin to expect my service without the guilt.  I know that I feel good when she can relax and I ease her daily load.

Despite not being caged, I’m not orgasming a lot.  I’m still not allowed to masturbate and can only cum when given permission. At the moment only one child is around the home, so in the next month or so, we should have quality time together on a regular basis.  For July, we will have two kids around…

It is funny how life changes as you move through it.  Years ago, I orgasmed daily–sometimes multiple times.  I had days where I orgasmed 8-10 times when with certain partners.  And I had days when I did the same when no partner was available.  lol  The five finger version of a discount orgasm!  I certainly don’t cum with that frequency anymore.  And while I miss it in some ways, I don’t in others.  I get real enjoyment serving my Queen.  Giving her orgasms is really as good as getting them myself.  The pleasure I feel is real.  Angus will press hard against his cage, but I will be satisfied.  If she has released him from the cage, he will stand tall and temporarily want release, but ultimately will be satisfied with the excitement of pleasing her.

Washing the dishes and cooking for her takes on new meaning when doing it to serve her and when she acknowledges that fact.  Doing anything to please her causes me sexual excitement.  As a caged man, the erections are curtailed, but the excitement drives me onwards. When allowed and told to massage her or to do things that involve touching her… my excitement is palpable.

One of the neat things about this is how each of us finds the excitement of the other feeds our own excitement.  So in serving my Queen, I become aroused and excited and this helps her to also become aroused and excited.  If only we didn’t have adult children around as much…lol