Life slowly returns to normal after a death and ours is no exception.  Responsibilities must be met and physical attraction causes desires…  And trust me when I say that I am immensely physically attracted to my wife!  We are both working with coaches to improve our physiques.  In fact I just moved to a new and far better coach than I had before.  So this past week have been full of changes for me.  And I can see small changes today over where I was last week.  In addition to our training, we have set aside Sunday morning for some alone time.  Our son sleeps in Sundays which gives us a modicum of privacy.  That added to the fact that we have less responsibility on Sunday gives us freedom to laze away in bed.  So last Sunday we enjoyed each other.  I have been caged nonstop for most of March.  The past few times we’ve had sex, I’ve been caged.  I have enjoyed it immensely, but haven’t been able to erect and haven’t orgasmed myself.  Instead my pleasure has largely come from pleasing my Queen using my hands, mouth, vibrators, and dildos.  The last two times, I’ve worn a strap-on to penetrate her.

This is a huge turn-on for me, and I get hornier as a result.  Long time readers will remember how much I love that high level of horniness.  On Sunday, after we were finished, I asked my Queen if I could remove the cage for a moment to take a shot of Angus.  One of my readers (Georgia) had recently asked about a shot showing the marks on Angus after some excitement.  So when my Queen said yes, we took off the cage to take some shots.  Now Angus is not fully erect here, but you can clearly see the marks left by the cage after all the excitement of pleasing my Queen.    So this if for you Georgia!  lol

On the orgasm front, I haven’t had an orgasm in quite some time–and that’s ok.

From my Queen’s perspective
My view looking down from above

Grief is a funny thing.  I’m beginning to think that it’s like waves crashing on the beach… In between the waves, you feel fine, and then a small wave hits you and you remember your loss.  On occasion the weather gets stormier and the waves bigger and more violent.  When these hit you you’re taken back to the moment of your grief.  I’m amazed at how the death of my father has affected me.  Certainly far more impactful on my life than the death of my mother.  Nonetheless, life marches on.  We continue to live and experience life together.  My Queen had eased on her demands of me because of my Dad’s death.  Last week we managed to have a private conversation (not easy when one or two adult children are always around).  I asked her to resume our FLR and she consented.  I feel much better serving her and doing her bidding.  I had been removing the cage prior to bed at her wish up until last Sunday.  On that Sunday, she told me to cage up and stay caged until she told me differently.  So I’ve been caged ever since.  There is something comforting about that to me.  I know that sounds weird, but it’s like she’s always with me.

We haven’t had a lot of chances to play…  But last Sunday morning we managed to do so before either of the kids were up.  My Queen had a couple of orgasms and I thoroughly enjoyed giving them to her.  None for me, but that’s ok.  As time goes on, I get more and more pleasure from pleasing her and need less myself.

This post leaves the topic of chastity and living an FLR.  I talk about death–don’t want to trigger anyone.


This has been a difficult week.  Last weekend, my dad went to hospital for what we thought was a minor problem.  After a night of tests, several major problems were discovered.  They decided to keep him overnight.  Sunday morning he was only able to grunt.  The decline was astonishing.  We talked about palliative care and decided that is the direction we would take.  They were still doing some medical things and we were hoping that they would result in at least a temporary improvement in cognition so we delayed the move to palliative care. As Sunday progressed, he did improve and was able to recognize and make one or two word comments to people.  He nodded his head and smiled when visitors came by.  Occasionally he even said a short phrase.  As we left Sunday we hadn’t yet put him into palliative care.  Monday morning he was much better.  Two of my daughters are half a world away and wouldn’t be able to make it back.  We were able to have a video call where they expressed love for him and he was able to tell both of them that he loved them dearly.  However it was clear that we were at the end and there would be no miraculous cure.  Dad didn’t want to live on tubes or have any extreme measures done to save him, so shortly after the two phone calls, we moved him to palliative care.

The end came rapidly at that point.  Surprisingly quick really!  While he recognized people the rest of the day, his responses got weaker and weaker.  It was clear that he would be gone by the end of the week.  Tuesday morning I brought his sister to see him.  She had a visit with him for about 3 hours and then asked if I would take her home.  He was breathing well and had good colour so I said good bye and that I would be back in less than an hour.  25 minutes later as I was approaching my Aunt’s home the phone rang to let me know that he was taking his last breaths.  I continued with my Aunt and then turned round to go back to the hospital.  He had been dead for about 20 minutes when I got back.

My father was a very good and kind man.  He worked his whole life for the community he lived in, and he gave of himself as a matter of course.  The hundreds of people who have made contact with us over these last few days have all been telling us how impactful he was in their lives; how much help he gave them when needed; how kind and caring he was; how special he was.  My pride in is overflowing.  My sense of loss is huge.  Make sure you tell those you love how you feel regularly.  We don’t know how long we have on this earth.


So the year has started well though we did have a wrinkle this past week.  However my Queen is averaging more than one orgasm a day so far and I’m loving it.  She has also given me 2 full orgasms and one ruined.  So I really have no idea how this year’s totals will be for me! lol  For both of my orgasms, I was restrained and on my back.  I was teased excessively and when I finally was allowed to cum, the orgasms were incredible.  For the second orgasm, my Queen wanted a drink and forced me to cum into her mouth.  Then she moved up my body and spit my cum into my mouth for me to drink and swallow.  I do find that hot, though after an orgasm the urge diminishes somewhat…lol  Still I did as she wanted.

My Queen’s oral ministrations

While she was sucking Angus, she was sitting on my face.  I was feverishly working on her pussy and she was having orgasm after orgasm…  And squirting like crazy.  I just kept drinking!  It was great!

Then last week I mentioned we were approaching International Chastity Month (January 14th-February 14th).  After laughing and suggesting I was making it up, she did a quick search and discovered “it” was a thing! lol  So I’ve been caged non-stop since the 14th and likely won’t be released for any time until February 15th.  Of course this is my Queen’s decision and a Lady always has the right to change her mind…  Maybe she’ll decide I go longer… maybe not!

The wrinkle we had this past week involved my son.  He was up North at a friend’s.  This friend has lost almost all of his friends due to his volatile temper.  From what I’ve heard, he may be bi-polar.  At any rate my son was visiting him for the weekend and on Sunday night they had been drinking a few beers.  Over the evening my son had had 3 tall boys.  Suddenly this friend (let’s call him Ted) got angry with my son.  Ted started to threaten him and was getting physical.  Though my son doesn’t drink and drive, he felt unsafe–particularly when Ted’s girlfriend started ramping Ted up and threatening my son too!  He decided to leave.  My son had another friend about 30 minutes away that he felt he could crash at.  As soon as he got out the door, Ted called the police and said there was a crazy drunk driver who had just driven past his house.  As “luck” would have it a patrol car was very near by and my son was pulled over less than two miles from Ted’s.  So we received calls in the middle of the night to come up and pick him up.  It has really caused a lot of stress.  And what’s worse is that my son left Ted’s so quickly we have to go back to get his stuff (if it’s still there).

So ever since we started this chastity/FLR journey, I’ve been keeping track of orgasm totals.  I keep them written down in a book and I also have an app that lets me know how long between orgasms we go.  My Queen seldom goes more than a week between orgasms–and often has one even more frequently.  I usually go much longer between my orgasms.  My record is over 500 days between orgasms… However for the past couple of years, my Queen hasn’t made me wait that long.  lol

In this past year, my Queen had 145 orgasms–a bit of a down year.  The Pandemic has had a negative effect as we have had more kids around.  I have only had 11, but 4 of those occurred in the past month–my Queen must have been feeling generous… lol

Further to that, I’ve actually had one orgasm already this year–on January 1st.  My Queen and I had some fun on that first day of the year.  She actually wore an item I had purchased for her two Christmas’ ago.  She hadn’t deigned to wear it before then…

When I gave my Queen the totals, her initial comment was, “Wow, that’s less than one every two days…!”  I suspect we’ll do much better this year! lol  On the other hand, I may not see 11 this year…