Funny Girl–A Weekend Away…

Sometimes we just have to get away.  So we booked a hotel room and travelled to a nearby city to see a play.  The beauty of this is that we leave all kids behind… Despite it being just an overnight trip, we had some high quality time together.  We left just after noon and had an early dinner at an excellent steak house.  Because we were going to be having a metal detector wanded over us and my queen wanted easy access to Angus, she removed my cage before we left. We checked into our hotel which was surprisingly nice and went to the theatre.  We enjoyed the performance before returning to the hotel where we relaxed together before going to sleep.  As I kissed my Queen good night, she decided she wanted an orgasm.  Using my mouth and a vibrator, my Queen had a lovely orgasm and we went to sleep.  In the morning, we played some more and my Queen had another three orgasms.  It was a great time and we both had a fabulous time.  No orgasms for me, but I’m content!

Regardless of who you are, it is always important to make time for each other.  These mini “vacations” help to break things up and keep life interesting and full.  I hope to regularly schedule something similar until we can actually get away for an extended period of time.


  1. Wow, that sounds like an amazing getaway! It’s so important to carve out that quality time with your partner, especially when life gets hectic with kids and work. I can totally imagine the excitement of leaving everything behind for a night of relaxation and fun.

    And going to see a play? That’s just the cherry on top! There’s something magical about live theater that adds an extra spark to the evening. Plus, treating yourselves to a fancy dinner at a steakhouse? Talk about indulgence!

    I have to admit, the part about removing the cage for easy access to Angus made me chuckle. It’s those little details that make the whole experience so memorable. And kudos to you for being such a devoted partner, focusing on your queen’s pleasure even without any for yourself. That’s real love and dedication right there.

    It’s inspiring to hear how much joy and fulfillment you both found in this mini vacation. Those little breaks from routine are like fuel for the soul, keeping the spark alive in your relationship. I’m definitely taking a page from your book and scheduling some quality time with my own partner soon. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    1. Author

      We haven’t had a proper vacation in quite some time. So for the next little while we have the occasional short getaway planned. These allow us to reignite our passion and enjoy some quality time together. I highly recommend doing so.

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