Orgasm Totals for 2023–The Final Tally! Proof that Evolution Can Change This Man!

So one of the things I’ve been doing for years is keeping track of orgasms both my Queen and I have.  It’s a lot more work to tally up my Queen’s than mine though! lol  We started chastity in the fall of 2014.  In our first efforts, my Queen was reluctant to deny me.  She couldn’t understand how much more excited I was about her pleasure than my own.  So our first try a this was successful but only lasting 2.5 months.  In that time, my Queen had 61 orgasms while I had 10 and 2 more that were ruined.  If you actually look at that time frame, my Queen was pretty good for much of the time, but as we approached the end of our agreement, she allowed me or had me cum numerous times which took my totals up to the stratospheric number of 10!  lol

After allowing a little time to think about how things went, we continued our journey and my Queen gradually began to get good at denial.  She likes to tease me until I’m close to popping off and then shutting things down.  In the decade since then, I have gone 485 days and another time 526 days between orgasms!  The 526 days is my record though for both of those periods I didn’t even have a ruined orgasm!  So the total numbers since we started this journey are 1666 orgasms for my Queen and 51 for me with an additional 10 ruined orgasms.  When you consider that 10 of mine and 2 of the ruined ones fell in the first 2.5 months, you’ll realize how seldom I actually orgasm.

In 2023 our numbers break down as follows:  My Queen had 119 orgasms while I had 3 plus 4 ruined.  My Queen is funny in that she will deny me for months and then decide I’m to cum 2-3 times in a short period of time.  For instance when I went the 526 days, she decided I would orgasm  and then had me orgasm 3 more times that month.  So I went a year and a half without an orgasm only to cum 4 times in one month–or perhaps I should say only to feed 4 times in one month!  She is very good at making sure I clean my messes–seems to turn her on a little!  The beauty of it is that anything that turns her on also turns me on.  It’s a win win!

Masturbation just isn’t part of my life anymore!

Life has changed for me in a big way!  I used to masturbate daily or even more frequently…  And now, I only masturbate if told to–and only if my Queen removes my cage.  I guess I have evolved.  But the thing is, I like being horny and I love giving my Queen pleasure!  For me that’s what it’s all about!


  1. I think I would die with so few orgasms! Okay, maybe not…but as someone who pleasures herself almost daily, this is challenging to consider. I do get what you are saying about how excited it keeps you in between orgasms. I imagine this brings you A LOT of pent of energy which can be applied in various areas of your life. As always, a joy reading about you and your Queen. Glad to hear your FLR is going strong! XOXO

    1. Author

      You know prior to starting this lifestyle I would orgasm every day. Some days multiple times. Usually I was masturbating. Or I would orgasm with my Queen and later orgasm by myself… So this lifestyle really is a 180 degree change of direction. But weirdly, it is working for me. After all these years, my Queen is getting really good at saying, “You’re not cumming today–recage…” Of course there are times when the cage doesn’t come off at all! But she is unpredictable. I went 126 days between orgasms before she had me cum in early January. But she had me cum again a few days later… So I never know–and that adds to the fun/frustration/horniness levels! Thanks Nora

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