Sometimes we just have to get away.  So we booked a hotel room and travelled to a nearby city to see a play.  The beauty of this is that we leave all kids behind… Despite it being just an overnight trip, we had some high quality time together.  We left just after noon and had an early dinner at an excellent steak house.  Because we were going to be having a metal detector wanded over us and my queen wanted easy access to Angus, she removed my cage before we left. We checked into our hotel which was surprisingly nice and went to the theatre.  We enjoyed the performance before returning to the hotel where we relaxed together before going to sleep.  As I kissed my Queen good night, she decided she wanted an orgasm.  Using my mouth and a vibrator, my Queen had a lovely orgasm and we went to sleep.  In the morning, we played some more and my Queen had another three orgasms.  It was a great time and we both had a fabulous time.  No orgasms for me, but I’m content!

Regardless of who you are, it is always important to make time for each other.  These mini “vacations” help to break things up and keep life interesting and full.  I hope to regularly schedule something similar until we can actually get away for an extended period of time.

So I’m back at work after a lovely holiday with my Queen.  We spent about 5 days visiting family in a nearby city before hopping on a plane and heading down to Puerto Vallarta.  It was heavenly to have a week where it was just the two of us!  Whenever we get time like this its as if we’re on our honeymoon all over again.  The resort was nice, but it was the time alone that we treasured.  From an orgasm perspective it was good (but not great) for my Queen.  She had 13 in the week.  I blew it on the first day and had a ruined orgasm.  It was the first I had had since June 2nd.  However I managed to get through the rest of the week orgasm free.  I did ask my Queen if I could cum a few times and she denied me permission.  We tanned, played cards, talked, made love, and slept without alarm clocks.  I read to her every day and we reconnected in only the best of ways.  A new rule was instituted–I had to be naked in the room.  So when we returned to the room the first thing I had to do was to strip down.  And when we were leaving, the last thing I had to do was get dressed. I served my Queen with massages, and other mundane tasks as she requested.  So I ironed for her and generally treated her as the Queen she is.

Ironing for my Queen
Carefully aligning the material

It was a wonderful vacation!  I look forward to retirement when I hope to be able to serve her full time without a job interfering in my tasks.  Still when we get physical is the most favourite thing for me! Giving my Queen orgasms thrills and pleases me.  I almost feel like I’m basking in her pleasure along with her.  Often once she is satiated, she will bring me to the absolute edge before we stop.  She likes me to be anxious to cum–very anxious!  lol

My Queen riding Angus
After she was satisfied, my Queen teases Angus just about to the end…