Adult children are both so nice to have and at times a pain.  Our son has been out of work for the last few months–the good news is, he has a job starting next week.  The bad news is he’s always at home.  So we haven’t really had any quality alone time since before my father died.  It will happen and soon I hope, but when exactly we’re not sure!  We thought we’d have time this weekend as he spoke of going away for the weekend, but this morning he decided to wait until income was coming in again.  So the weekend alone we were looking forward to has vanished like a puff of smoke.  lol

This means we will have date time tomorrow morning when we awake and he is hopefully sleeping.  We’ve been trying to make this happen every week though at times it’s difficult.  My Queen gets antsy if she goes too long without an orgasm and we start to become detached.  This helps to keep our bond strong.

Grief is a funny thing.  I’m beginning to think that it’s like waves crashing on the beach… In between the waves, you feel fine, and then a small wave hits you and you remember your loss.  On occasion the weather gets stormier and the waves bigger and more violent.  When these hit you you’re taken back to the moment of your grief.  I’m amazed at how the death of my father has affected me.  Certainly far more impactful on my life than the death of my mother.  Nonetheless, life marches on.  We continue to live and experience life together.  My Queen had eased on her demands of me because of my Dad’s death.  Last week we managed to have a private conversation (not easy when one or two adult children are always around).  I asked her to resume our FLR and she consented.  I feel much better serving her and doing her bidding.  I had been removing the cage prior to bed at her wish up until last Sunday.  On that Sunday, she told me to cage up and stay caged until she told me differently.  So I’ve been caged ever since.  There is something comforting about that to me.  I know that sounds weird, but it’s like she’s always with me.

We haven’t had a lot of chances to play…  But last Sunday morning we managed to do so before either of the kids were up.  My Queen had a couple of orgasms and I thoroughly enjoyed giving them to her.  None for me, but that’s ok.  As time goes on, I get more and more pleasure from pleasing her and need less myself.

So ever since we started this chastity/FLR journey, I’ve been keeping track of orgasm totals.  I keep them written down in a book and I also have an app that lets me know how long between orgasms we go.  My Queen seldom goes more than a week between orgasms–and often has one even more frequently.  I usually go much longer between my orgasms.  My record is over 500 days between orgasms… However for the past couple of years, my Queen hasn’t made me wait that long.  lol

In this past year, my Queen had 145 orgasms–a bit of a down year.  The Pandemic has had a negative effect as we have had more kids around.  I have only had 11, but 4 of those occurred in the past month–my Queen must have been feeling generous… lol

Further to that, I’ve actually had one orgasm already this year–on January 1st.  My Queen and I had some fun on that first day of the year.  She actually wore an item I had purchased for her two Christmas’ ago.  She hadn’t deigned to wear it before then…

When I gave my Queen the totals, her initial comment was, “Wow, that’s less than one every two days…!”  I suspect we’ll do much better this year! lol  On the other hand, I may not see 11 this year…









































My Queen needed gas so I took her car to fill it up for her.  As I arrived at the gas station, my phone rang.  It was my Queen.  She indicated that I was to drive home with my pants down.  This was an unexpected request and Angus started to swell in his cage.  I filled up and got back into the car.  Drove about 50 feet so I was out of the lights and dropped my pants.  I called my Queen and asked if she wanted to know when I arrived home–so she could see I had complied with her request.  No she said, send me a pic!

So I took a pic and sent it to her and then proceeded to drive the 2 km home.  Once there, I pulled my pants up and got out of the car.  Life is good!

It’s really amazing how good life can be with the right partner! To find my Queen took a large number of years.  One failed marriage before I found her and then a ray of light!  She also had a failed marriage–but her ex is a narcissitic jerk!  He can be charming in the short term, but eventually his true colours will show.  Still this post is not about either her ex nor mine.  (Mine is a good woman who just was wrong for me)

My Queen and I met through an on-line dating app.  She actually messaged me first.  I responded and within a day or two, we had spoken on the phone.  We spoke for a long time! lol  Hours actually.  And we spoke every night for 5 straight nights.  I was sleeping only about 2 hours a day.  Finally (in truth less than a week after connecting), we agreed to meet at a neutral spot.  So we picked a restaurant/bar about halfway between our homes and met in person.  We arrived about 8pm and then closed the place.  Even then we sat in her car for an additional couple of hours before reluctantly making our own ways home.  I told a good friend the very next day that I had found the person I was going to marry.

Since that moment, we have been almost inseparable.  We laugh together and are totally open with each other.  I told her very soon in the relationship that I liked to be dommed as I was submissive.  She was willing to try domming me and things went from there.  We have lived out some of our fantasies and others may yet come to fruition.  About 8 years ago I discovered male chastity cages. I purchased one and then ordered a custom made one.  About 7 years ago I opened up to my Queen about this new kink.  She agreed to try it.  Perhaps 5-6 years ago we officially made it an FLR relationship.  However it has only been this year that I think we are really moving to a totally 365/24/7 total power exchange.  And I’m loving it!  I just enjoy serving and pleasing her so much!  My orgasms aren’t as important to me as hers…

Cleaning the fish tank for my Queen.