End of Year!

So ever since we started this chastity/FLR journey, I’ve been keeping track of orgasm totals.  I keep them written down in a book and I also have an app that lets me know how long between orgasms we go.  My Queen seldom goes more than a week between orgasms–and often has one even more frequently.  I usually go much longer between my orgasms.  My record is over 500 days between orgasms… However for the past couple of years, my Queen hasn’t made me wait that long.  lol

In this past year, my Queen had 145 orgasms–a bit of a down year.  The Pandemic has had a negative effect as we have had more kids around.  I have only had 11, but 4 of those occurred in the past month–my Queen must have been feeling generous… lol

Further to that, I’ve actually had one orgasm already this year–on January 1st.  My Queen and I had some fun on that first day of the year.  She actually wore an item I had purchased for her two Christmas’ ago.  She hadn’t deigned to wear it before then…

When I gave my Queen the totals, her initial comment was, “Wow, that’s less than one every two days…!”  I suspect we’ll do much better this year! lol  On the other hand, I may not see 11 this year…









































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