I Think We’re Alone Now–NOT!

Adult children are both so nice to have and at times a pain.  Our son has been out of work for the last few months–the good news is, he has a job starting next week.  The bad news is he’s always at home.  So we haven’t really had any quality alone time since before my father died.  It will happen and soon I hope, but when exactly we’re not sure!  We thought we’d have time this weekend as he spoke of going away for the weekend, but this morning he decided to wait until income was coming in again.  So the weekend alone we were looking forward to has vanished like a puff of smoke.  lol

This means we will have date time tomorrow morning when we awake and he is hopefully sleeping.  We’ve been trying to make this happen every week though at times it’s difficult.  My Queen gets antsy if she goes too long without an orgasm and we start to become detached.  This helps to keep our bond strong.

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