Retirement Approaches–Or More Time to Serve My Queen

I am weeks away from saying “Bye” to my place of employment.  In many ways I look forward to whatever is ahead of me.  In some ways I will miss what I’ve spent the majority of my life doing.  Friends are planning a party and I’m looking forward to that.  It will be nice to see people as for some of them, it’s been a long time since last we met.  It will be interesting to see whether my Queen has me caged or uncaged for the event.  There will be lots of hugs I’m sure, so a caged me might be “felt” during the hugs.  Not my issue though, so I’ll just do as I’m told.  I will be increasing my time and efforts in the gym.  I’d like to try and become as fit as I’ve ever been.  That is one goal that I have for retirement.  I’d also like to travel more and work on my guitar playing skills.  Maybe even start to play the piano again.  One of the things I am definitely looking forward to is serving my Queen more completely.  As I’ll be around the house more often–a lot more often, I will be better able to wait on her and fill her needs.  That is one of the things that turns me on.

When we’re alone, my costume is supposed to be an apron–and nothing else…  well my cage as well… lol


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