Frustration–And Pee Funnels

It’s a while since I posted as I’m frustrated with this platform.  Since I switched to this methodology, I’ve had nothing but issues.  I received an email from someone who has told me that they can’t access my content.  I then tried myself and couldn’t access it as a viewer.  Now sometimes I can, but often I can’t.  I have some sort of issue with the email function here as well.  It’s annoying and frustrating.  Hopefully one of these days, I’ll get it figured out.

I’m now retired and strangely seem to have less time than I had while working! lol  My Queen is preparing to compete in her first ever body-building competition and I’m trying to get into the best shape I’ve ever been–not conditioning, but shape!  I don’t think I’ll ever match my earlier levels of conditioning, but that’s ok.  I’d like to be able to post short videos and still have to figure that out amongst other things. I started this post a month ago…lol  My wife’s competition is only 7 weeks away.  She is l00king great, but still has a ways to go to finish getting into competition shape.  When you compete in body building, you have a spray on tan.  As a woman peeing without damaging this tan is difficult, so they suggest you get a pee funnel.  These things are sold all over the place, but we purchased one from Amazon.  Using it will allow her not to damage her tan and to also protect her competition suit.  It arrived a couple of weeks ago.  Here she is trying it out for the first time!

It worked very well.  We can also see taking it for walks so that if she does need to go, she doesn’t have to squat in the woods!  lol

My shape is changing too.  In time I think I’d like to compete as well, but I’m away further away from being ready!


  1. Glad to see a post from you! I love how you two are dedicating yourselves to being in the best possible shape. I bet that makes sex fun. XOXO

    1. Author

      I’m so happy to see your comment. That means people are able to see things again. My Queen looks amazing and slowly I improve too. lol Sex is aways fun Nora, though I will say that lately the cage hasn’t come off very often. Angus keeps trying ineffectively to straighten and expand the cage… lol Stay well!

  2. Good to find your blog again. I figured that you were gone forever when your last blog crashed. I’ll add you to our blog list. If you need help, drop me a line.

    1. Author

      Thank you Lion… I may do that. I seem to have all sorts of issues with this new blog–part of the reason I’m not as active I suppose.

  3. I did not know what the context of pee funnel was until reading this. I was thinking something very kinky. Anyway, I bought one of these for my Wife/Mistress to use for camping and she loves it.
    She has not used it to stand while peeing like your Queen. That’s a great photo of her standing to pee, what does she think of being able to do that? Reminder her that good boys raise the seat while peeing. I like the idea of the Woman of the house standing to pee and the caged male needing to sit! I have trained myself to sit to pee unless I am in a public men’s room with a urinal.

    1. Author

      I never even thought about her raising the seat…lol. I almost never use a urinal as I’m almost always caged. So even in public washrooms I wait for a stall. There are only two stalls at my gym, so I find myself waiting there fairly regularly. I’m so well trained to sit, that even on those rare occasions where I’m uncaged I will usually sit out of habit. lol As to the kinkiness of the pee funnel, it can be used that way as well. We’ve gone on walks where I will drink her pee. We carry a normal silicon funnel for that as it holds more. I can’t always swallow as fast as she can pee!

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