Our FLR Wedding–Will Cuckholding Be a Part of the Celebration?

While I haven’t mentioned it in quite some time, we are still planning on having an FLR (Femdom) wedding. This will be a renewal of our vows, but the difference will be that I promise to obey and my Queen promises to accept my slavery and look after me…  We have only talked about it in generalities and no firm plans are in place yet.  We know where we want to go to have the ceremony (Vegas) and I will highlight that venue in a later post.  The beauty of the venue is that the marriage is legal–that is important to me. and that with prior arrangements, almost anything goes.  So I may be nude for some or all of the ceremony.  If any of my ideas are accepted, I might kiss my Queen’s ass or drink her urine as part of the ceremony.  But that is still to be determined.  Another thing that I am hoping to see happen while we are in Vegas is for my Queen to make use of the Cowboys4Angels gigolo service.

We often fantasize about another man or couple when we have sex.  Most often it’s another man and I think it would set our new marriage parameters off in the correct direction with a clear indication that my Queen’s happiness and satisfaction is the most important thing.  I would hope I’d be allowed in the room, but that would also be up to her.  I’m not sure she will go for this to be honest.  She may be content to keep this fantasy just that.  But I’m hoping that I can convince her to explore her pleasure in this way.  If it should happen, I do hope to be allowed to take pictures.  I expect I will be caged for the event so no orgasms will be expected for me.

Why do I want this??  First I really enjoy seeing my Queen experience pleasure.  She loves variety in everything she does–but hasn’t had any variety in the bedroom since meeting me.  We do all sorts of things, but it’s always just me.  I think she would enjoy a new experience.  When we were first dating, she found a pro-Domme and for one of my birthdays, she took me to her dungeon.  The two of them then proceeded to dominate me.  It was such an amazing gift that I’d like to give it back.  It also feeds my submissiveness.  Watching her experience pleasure with another man is very exciting and also a very submissive act.  I further imagine licking her pussy as she’s being fucked–even if we hire a cowboy, this is very unlikely to happen, but then it isn’t about me is it?  I would expect the cowboy to use a condom, but I fantasize that he doesn’t and he comes in and on her.  Then she makes me clean it up.  I clean up my own messes all the time now–just have never done another man’s clean-up.  Again that act is an exciting thought of submissiveness.  So if my Queen cucks me, it feeds my desire to see her pleased and also really feeds my submissive identity.


  1. I dream of having a FLR wedding vow renewal where my wife would accept my slavery.
    My dream, though not hers.
    She has no interest at all in another man, just as well as cucking is not an interest of mine either.
    If she had any interest in it I would love for her to have a female lover.

    1. Author

      We have been talking more about this… hopefully will book travel/accommodation and wedding facility in the next month or so… Not yet sure what it will exactly look like yet, but I am looking forward to it.

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