L’October Goes Well…

So I’ve been caged 24/7 since September 21.  The beauty of a Jailbird cage (by Mature Metal) is how easy it is to maintain personal hygiene and also how comfortable it can be.  We’ve found some time alone quite a bit this month, but Angus has not penetrated Kitty once! lol  Instead I’ve used my mouth, fingers and various toys.  My Queen has had ten-eleven orgasms so far and I’ve had none.  But I’ve gotten great pleasure from giving them to her.  She did say that I would receive a blowjob at the end of the month…  That will likely lead to an orgasm for me–and then her feeding me my cum with her mouth…  But we’ll see.  Currently it’s 46 days since my last orgasm which was an accident while we were in Mexico… That orgasm was also ruined, but still occurred.

My Very Sexy Queen

I have to say that Angus gets quite cramped when my Queen decides to tease me–visually or otherwise! This picture is from last weekend.  Wearing some crotchless panties and my shirt, I was very much enticed!



  1. Beautiful picture! Glad your Queen is getting pleasure and you are enjoying giving it to her! ❤️

    1. Author

      Thank you… She sometimes has a hard time understanding my desire to please her and my willingness to forego my own orgasms. But we’ve been doing this for a while now and her reluctance/guilt is almost gone! lol

  2. During a conversation last night my wife said that she does not understand or have any appreciation for any type of restraint including a chastity cage.
    She also does not see why I would willingly forego receipt of pleasure by locking up my penis while she is free to do what she wants.
    But that is just what I find to be so exciting!

    1. Author

      Regardless of what we say to our wives, many wives still seem to have trouble with this concept. I’ve read so many books to my Queen and we’ve been living it for so many years now that she finally gets it… lol She still doesn’t understand it in some ways, but overall recognizes how important it is to me. She also enjoys teasing me and then stopping when I’m soooo close. Perhaps books might help explain things in a way that breaks through to your wife. All the best!

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