L’October–Poor Angus

So as most of you are aware, for those of us who wear chastity cages, there are special months.  Likely the biggest of these is L’October.  As I’ve been caged for most of the past 7-8 years, it may come as a surprise that last year was my first actual L’October.  I was caged for every minute of the month.  This year, over the past 2-3 months, my Queen has had me caged most days but has had me free during sleep.  Wednesday Sept. 21st, the cage went on as usual, but when I went to go to bed, the key was nowhere to be found.  So I’ve been caged 24/7 since then and will be at least until the end of this month.  This really means I won’t have the cage off until Nov 1st at bed-time–if she decides.  lol

I’m fortunate that I have such a good cage.  The Mature Metal Jailbird is custom fit and I wear it problem free.  Further it’s open type design allows for very good hygiene.  Over the years I’ve tried other cages and have determined that tube style cages are just not for me.  They begin to reek within a couple of days so they must be removed for a full cleaning.  The Jailbird allows easy cleaning of Angus with every shower.  I’m even pretty good at shaving with it on.  There is a small area around the ring that I can’t access with the cage on, but the hair there is limited anyways.

I’m excited to be doing L’October again–even more excited as it was my Queen’s idea.  The thought of pleasing her sexually while caged is exciting too!  So I’m looking forward to this month of adventures.

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