The End of L’October

So my L’October was longer than most.  The cage went on Sept. 21st and didn’t come off until the evening of Nov. 1st.  42 days or thereabouts.  My Queen was teasing me by making other lock up months.  She doesn’t read any chastity stuff, so has no knowledge of the other “official” chastity months… lol  So she came up with No-release November, Deny December, Jailed for January, Frozen February, May not release March…  She actually went into the summer with her ideas, but I can’t recall them now.

We had sex many times over those 42 days. My queen had 26 orgasms while I had none.  Angus was cramped each and every time, but that just adds to the fun.  I used my mouth, fingers, and toys to pleasure her and I had such fun doing it.  So while I’ve been caged since 2015, this was only the second time I’ve done L’October.  The Jailbird cage allows great personal hygiene.  Shaving is pretty easy too–there is a small amount of hair I can’t really get at with the cage on, but overall, I can be quite neat.  It seems I am now back to wearing the cage daily but sleeping cageless.  My Queen does like to have easy access to Angus when we’re in bed.


  1. On your old page before they took it down you had posted a picture of your penis with marks on it that left a chastity belt.
    It was an impressive photo and I want to see again what marks you have after so many days without a break in the chastity belt.

    1. Author

      Hi, I’ll see if my Queen will allow me to take an image right after the cage comes off this time. I’m sure she will, so look for an image in mid to late February… lol If for some reason she changed her mind and I’m released before then, I will post it earlier.

  2. forgive me. I forgot to say Hello and wish you both a happy new year with lots of pleasure.

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