So I’ve still got to figure some things out about this new set-up.  I’m not sure everything is working properly–I keep getting error messages, but eventually I’ll get it figured out!  If you notice something doesn’t seem to work, please feel free to let me know.  I’m not able to share videos yet, but I guess this is a work in progress!

Happy 2022!  With luck, this year will be much better than the last.  I do know that it has been a very eventful start for me and my Queen. A very good friend as well as my brother-in-law have been diagnosed with cancer.  My friend had been fighting cancer and had been told he was cured back in November.  On his checkup a week ago, they found two spots on his lungs.  So it looks like another battle is brewing.  My brother-in-law had a tumour discovered on his kidney in December–though I didn’t hear about it until last week.  Last week when they were doing tests prior to his surgery, they discovered several spots on his lungs.  So while he has the first tumour removed this week, there is more to his fight still to come.  My Queen’s maid of honour died two days ago–from covid!  She didn’t believe in masking nor in vaccinations.  She was a lovely person though and my Queen is reeling.

We are all healthy.  Our furnace died a week or so ago.  It was -28 Celsius and that wasn’t even considering the windchill factor.  However we were fortunate and had a new furnace (plus air conditioner) installed the next day.  We’ve also had three appliances go on the fritz this month–all are now repaired!  So it has been a rough start to this year.

I am reading Uniquely Rika to my Queen and we’ve had some very good discussions as a result.  I’m really hopeful that we will be able to re-configure our relationship somewhat in ways that please the both of us.  I’m finding her book (Ms. Rika) really explains Domination in a way that makes things so logical and easy for the domme.  I think the work becomes something the submissive must do–and in a D/s relationship, isn’t that the way it should be?  I’ve read other books to my Queen, but this is the first book where she is frequently showing her desire that I read to her.

On the chastity front, my last orgasm was a while ago…  my phone is charging so I can’t get the exact date! lol  However I think it was in November sometime…  This morning we played a little and my Queen gave me two choices.  I could cum on her breasts and then push the cum around her nipples while playing with them before I cleaned up my mess–or I could avoid cumming.  I was tempted, however while I was making up my mind, she decided I had taken too long.  So she decided I wouldn’t cum today!

So I am late…  I wish all of you a very merry Christmas!  This restart of my blog goes slowly.  But I will eventually get better…  This has been a good Christmas as it is the first time in 2.5 years that everyone has been home (children and father).  Sadly, we had to cancel the plans to be with our entire family, but each household has immune compromised people to consider.  Perhaps next year!  In the meantime, I continue to be in a male cage and continue to be denied frequent orgasms.  My last orgasm was in Sept. 114 days ago!   lol

Some time ago, I discovered Reddit.  Recently, someone mentioned a book by Ms. Rika.  As it turns out, it is available on Amazon along with a few other books by her.  I’ve purchased “Uniquely Rika” and also “Uniquely Us”.  I may very well buy her other books too.

“Uniquely Rika” is a really excellent way of describing, introducing and guiding a couple in setting up a female led relationship–though the principles would apply to any service oriented D/s relationship.  I actually am going to ask my Queen to read it and perhaps we’ll adjust our relationship a little.  I’ve been doing the male chastity/caged penis thing for over 6 years now.  In the beginning, I spent a lot of time reading and hunting for resources.  This book really gives a wonderful overview and practical tips for setting up such a relationship.  I believe that women who are vanilla would find it a relatively unthreatening possibility after reading it.  Ms. Rika is in a female led relationship with her husband.  This relationship works very well for both of them.

I found her approach to be very doable.   It is based on the real world and not on fantasy.  Rika discusses how many go about trying to set up their D/s relationships and why many approaches fail.  She also talks about how you can succeed in a service oriented Dominant/submissive relationship.  Using her method, there is no role playing or acting.  Instead she suggests that D/s will extend you and enrich your relationship with your significant other.

I found this to be a readable and logical introduction to one type of FLR.  I honestly wish I had found it years ago.  If you are trying to convince your wife to be a part of an FLR, this book may give you the tools to approach her and also to change your behaviour so that you are acting in a real submissive way.

Uniquely Rika, by Ms. Rika  Copywrited in 2008 and published by    Available on Amazon for $29.95

“Michael, come here please!” My Queen called me into the room.  “I’ve been thinking about all those fantasies you’ve shared with me and I’ve decided to enact some of them.”

“Yes My Queen” I responded.  “As you wish.”

“As long as you’re agreeable, I thought we’d ratchet up our FLR.”  I nodded my agreement and she continued.  “From now on, when you are at home, you will be naked.  When you return from work, you will immediately remove your clothing, fold it, and leave it nicely in a pile by the front door.  If I need you to go out, you may dress again before you do my errand.  Further, you will always bow before entering and leaving a room.  The rest of your rules will still apply.  Punishments will occur rapidly for any transgressions!”  She looked at me.  “Questions?”

“No My Beloved.”

“Good.  Then please disrobe and go prepare dinner.”

I stripped and began this new chapter of my life.  It was an odd feeling to be moving about the house naked but for my cage with my wife and Queen fully dressed.  Over the next few weeks, I became used to our new lifestyle.  And while my beautiful Queen had me service her sexually several times, she didn’t remove the cage once.  I pleasured her using my tongue, toys and vibrators.  Angus struggled to erect, but remained caged.  Otherwise, I would strip when I came home from work and prepare dinner while my Queen worked from home.  At times, she would ask me to bring her something or do something for her.  Several times she decided that I had broken rules and that I needed to be punished.   Twice she paddled my ass and once she had me sleep on the floor at night.  The marks from my spankings lasted several days and I promised her I would do better.

Three weeks into our new arrangement, I arrived home from work.  As I was stripping and folding my clothes, my Queen called me to come to her.  “Michael, I’m having a couple of people from work over for dinner.  You will prepare a nice meal with a dessert for us.  You will serve us and behave like a perfect butler.  If you are inadequate in any way, I will punish you immediately.”

“Yes My Queen–Have you a certain meal in mind?”

“Surprise me.  They should arrive around 6, so let’s plan to eat at 6:30.”

“Yes My Queen, What do you want me to wear?”

“Michael,” she smiled as she looked at me, “You’re dressed perfectly now–after all isn’t it a fantasy of yours to have me display you??”

“Yes My Beloved.” I blushed and my heart rate picked up.  I was excited and yet anxious about the guests and how the evening would go.  No one knew I was caged nor submissive.  This would be letting the cat out of the bag–in a big way!

Moving to the kitchen, I decided on a menu.  We usually made enough food for leftovers so I had thawed out 12 chicken thighs.  This was useful when dealing with unexpected guests too!  I decided to prepare Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs with a Rice Pilaf.  For veggies, I would prepare asparagus and roast some multi-coloured carrots with red onions.  I went downstairs and found a nice Chardonnay.  Dinner was planned and would be ready on time.

I gazed at the clock.  It was approaching 6 o’clock and I knew the guests would be here soon.  A few minutes later the doorbell rang.   “It will be full protocol tonight Michael” my Queen told me. I paused and looked at her as that sank into my head.  “Now answer the door!”

With some trepidation, I went to the door.  The bell rang again as I got there.  Steeling myself, I unlocked the door and opened it.  Two women were standing there.  I noted their surprised expressions and bowed to invite them in.  Then I helped them out of their coats and hung them up!  While I did this, they removed their shoes.  I took them into the living room where my Queen was waiting.  As the women greeted each other I left the room to prepare them drinks.  On my return, my Queen introduced me and explained how we were living in an FLR.  Having given them a nice glass of wine, I returned to the kitchen to finish final preparations for the meal.

As I finished with the meal prep, I could hear snippets of conversation coming from the living room.  Our two guests were asking my wife all about our lifestyle and the extent of my submission.  They were also asking about my trusty chastity cage.

End of part one…

I hadn’t intended this fantasy to be a long one, but I guess I’m a detail guy.  Despite my best intentions, I always feel the need to add to the story.  In real life, I haven’t experienced anything like this.  Perhaps one day a variation may occur, but till then fantasies will keep me going.

On the chastity front, I have been caged nonstop since Sept. 17th.  It is now Nov. 12th.  I’m not sure when I’ll be allowed out of my cage.  So perhaps I’ll end up doing No Nut November…lol

Stay well my friends!

I’ve been in chastity since 2015.  Before that I flirted with it for a year or so…  So I’m not new to this lifestyle.  My beautiful wife is my Queen.  We’ve been in an FLR for several years now!  To be honest, most of the time it’s business as usual, but sometimes, it becomes very obvious who’s in charge.  My kids (adults now) chastise her at times for being bossy, but we just grin and move on with life.  At any rate I had never told my Queen about L’October.  However this fall, I told her about it and the other special months (no Nut November, Deny December, and the International Chastity Month (Jan 14th to Feb. 15th)).  After speaking about this, she decided we’d do L’October this year.

I’m lucky I’m in a Mature Metal Jailbird.  Good hygiene is easy in this cage.  So it doesn’t have to ever come off.  I’ve been in it non-stop now since Sept. 25th (I think-some time around there anyways).  Even when we’ve played, I’ve used my mouth, hands, and toys to pleasure her.  I’ve remained caged.  The pressure of Angus trying to erect is exciting and I find it sort of pleasurable.  She has smaller fingers than me, and can tease me through the bars of the cage.  That I also find very pleasurable. lol

Normally, she will remove the cage when we play thus freeing Angus.  She will often desire penetration which I will provide though I’m not usually allowed to cum.  So this month has been different.  We’ve played and I’ve remained caged.  I actually love this.  It thrills me to be used and to be able to give her pleasure while not being allowed to cum myself.  Not being allowed to even erect is fabulous! So I’m enjoying L’October immensely.

I did expect to be taken out of the cage today though.  Those of you who followed my older blog will remember that my Queen had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately since that surgery, penetration has been difficult.  She has had a lot of pain.  I’ve had to be very careful and had to move very slowly when penetration happens.  Further, we have to find that “magic” position.  Suffice it to say that penetration hasn’t been as good as my Queen desires.  I certainly can’t pump her vigorously as she likes.

To that end, she was finally able to see her gynecologist at the end of September.  He established that it wasn’t my girth that was the problem, but rather a lack of elasticity in her vagina–the result of the surgery.  So he prescribed some sort of hormonal ring to be placed high inside her.  This was to secrete some necessary hormones that should help with the problem.  It was to take 2-3 weeks to become effective and went into her on Sept. 30th.

She wanted to try intercourse and see if it worked this weekend.  I told her that L’October was her decision and if that’s what she wanted, Angus would be freed.  So I was expecting to be freed this weekend–but as I write this, I don’t think it will happen.  We’ve played and I’ve remained caged.  We will likely play again today (we’re child free this weekend), but she’s indicated I’ll be staying caged.

So perhaps I’ll be using the strap-on on her!  That is a weird feeling.  To be fucking someone and to have no sensation in Angus is strange.  And yet I enjoy it as I really like to give her pleasure!  So is L’October different for me?  Yes… Yes it is!  And that’s ok.  In fact, it’s better than ok!  Maybe she’ll have me do this more often.  I find it extremely arousing to be giving her pleasure while caged.

The cover image was found on Pinterest.  I do not know who to credit.  If it is yours, I can remove it if you wish.


So WordPress banned me—they really were quite nasty about it too!  I hope to eventually retrieve some of my over 200 posts, but with my lack of technical expertise, that will be an adventure.  The fact that I’m this far in recovery, is a tribute to Caged Lion from Male Chastity Journal(   He graciously spent some time setting things up for me.  There is more to do and I might eventually figure it out—or not!  lol.

Life has continued over this summer.  I have been dealing with an ailing father, but he’s moved into an assisted living place and is doing much better.  We’re in the process of fixing up and selling his former residence, but it is now empty and ready for that.  My Queen and I have been enjoying her newly free weekends—she was finally able to quit her second job!  This has allowed us to be together more often and also allowed us to sneak in some sexy times around the kids schedules!

She has had me clean all the grout in our home and also to seal it.  Recently when we found ourselves alone she had me working on it naked–well I was caged! lol  And wearing my indoor shoes.  One thing that is clear from the pictures she took, I need to work on my covid muscle!  Over the next 6 months, I hope to lose 30 pounds.

I promise to try and write with more detail soon, but right now I’m just trying to figure things out.  This new format needs some work and I am technically challenged.  However, I did have an orgasm on Sunday–it was my first since May 24th.  My Queen had me cum on her ass and then lick it clean.  It was the end of a fabulous love making session.  We had a good amount of alone time on Sunday and I was able to give my Queen 8 orgasms.  It was so much fun!  Honestly, I didn’t need to cum, but she wanted me to.  In an FLR, it is always her choice.  So our version of chastity is going well!  lol

I expect that my new location means I’ve lost most followers–so this is really starting from scratch again.  I am hopeful that I will be able to retrieve some of my older posts.  At the moment, it appears I need to be on the desktop to do any posts and I used to do everything from my phone.  Accessing the computer without kids around is a challenge, so posts may be more infrequent until I can either get a laptop or figure out how to make things work with my phone.

Upcoming adventures–we’re heading out on a road trip for our first time out of the house in forever (seems like anyways).  We’re both double vaccinated, so we have some protection.  We plan to drive 3-4000 km over the 10-12 days we’re away.

There is a nude beach in our path, and I’m hoping to visit it with my Queen.  That might be cool if I’m caged… lol

We’ll likely have lots of sex as we’ll finally be totally alone–but it is unlikely that I will have any orgasms!

If you’ve followed me here, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The fact that I’m here at all is a tribute to the kindness and expertise of Caged Lion.  Check out his blog.  He and his wife write a blog post each day and the two different viewpoints are cool to read.