A Fantasy–We All Have Them

“Michael, come here please!” My Queen called me into the room.  “I’ve been thinking about all those fantasies you’ve shared with me and I’ve decided to enact some of them.”

“Yes My Queen” I responded.  “As you wish.”

“As long as you’re agreeable, I thought we’d ratchet up our FLR.”  I nodded my agreement and she continued.  “From now on, when you are at home, you will be naked.  When you return from work, you will immediately remove your clothing, fold it, and leave it nicely in a pile by the front door.  If I need you to go out, you may dress again before you do my errand.  Further, you will always bow before entering and leaving a room.  The rest of your rules will still apply.  Punishments will occur rapidly for any transgressions!”  She looked at me.  “Questions?”

“No My Beloved.”

“Good.  Then please disrobe and go prepare dinner.”

I stripped and began this new chapter of my life.  It was an odd feeling to be moving about the house naked but for my cage with my wife and Queen fully dressed.  Over the next few weeks, I became used to our new lifestyle.  And while my beautiful Queen had me service her sexually several times, she didn’t remove the cage once.  I pleasured her using my tongue, toys and vibrators.  Angus struggled to erect, but remained caged.  Otherwise, I would strip when I came home from work and prepare dinner while my Queen worked from home.  At times, she would ask me to bring her something or do something for her.  Several times she decided that I had broken rules and that I needed to be punished.   Twice she paddled my ass and once she had me sleep on the floor at night.  The marks from my spankings lasted several days and I promised her I would do better.

Three weeks into our new arrangement, I arrived home from work.  As I was stripping and folding my clothes, my Queen called me to come to her.  “Michael, I’m having a couple of people from work over for dinner.  You will prepare a nice meal with a dessert for us.  You will serve us and behave like a perfect butler.  If you are inadequate in any way, I will punish you immediately.”

“Yes My Queen–Have you a certain meal in mind?”

“Surprise me.  They should arrive around 6, so let’s plan to eat at 6:30.”

“Yes My Queen, What do you want me to wear?”

“Michael,” she smiled as she looked at me, “You’re dressed perfectly now–after all isn’t it a fantasy of yours to have me display you??”

“Yes My Beloved.” I blushed and my heart rate picked up.  I was excited and yet anxious about the guests and how the evening would go.  No one knew I was caged nor submissive.  This would be letting the cat out of the bag–in a big way!

Moving to the kitchen, I decided on a menu.  We usually made enough food for leftovers so I had thawed out 12 chicken thighs.  This was useful when dealing with unexpected guests too!  I decided to prepare Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs with a Rice Pilaf.  For veggies, I would prepare asparagus and roast some multi-coloured carrots with red onions.  I went downstairs and found a nice Chardonnay.  Dinner was planned and would be ready on time.

I gazed at the clock.  It was approaching 6 o’clock and I knew the guests would be here soon.  A few minutes later the doorbell rang.   “It will be full protocol tonight Michael” my Queen told me. I paused and looked at her as that sank into my head.  “Now answer the door!”

With some trepidation, I went to the door.  The bell rang again as I got there.  Steeling myself, I unlocked the door and opened it.  Two women were standing there.  I noted their surprised expressions and bowed to invite them in.  Then I helped them out of their coats and hung them up!  While I did this, they removed their shoes.  I took them into the living room where my Queen was waiting.  As the women greeted each other I left the room to prepare them drinks.  On my return, my Queen introduced me and explained how we were living in an FLR.  Having given them a nice glass of wine, I returned to the kitchen to finish final preparations for the meal.

As I finished with the meal prep, I could hear snippets of conversation coming from the living room.  Our two guests were asking my wife all about our lifestyle and the extent of my submission.  They were also asking about my trusty chastity cage.

End of part one…

I hadn’t intended this fantasy to be a long one, but I guess I’m a detail guy.  Despite my best intentions, I always feel the need to add to the story.  In real life, I haven’t experienced anything like this.  Perhaps one day a variation may occur, but till then fantasies will keep me going.

On the chastity front, I have been caged nonstop since Sept. 17th.  It is now Nov. 12th.  I’m not sure when I’ll be allowed out of my cage.  So perhaps I’ll end up doing No Nut November…lol

Stay well my friends!


  1. Yum Michael, this is a particular favourite fantasy of mine. I would love to have my man naked and caged as he greeted my friends at the door! Can’t see it ever happening, but its a delicious scenario that plays out differently every time in my head! Loved this post, so glad to have you back with us! 😈💋💖

    1. Author

      I haven’t masturbated in a long time–It’s against the rules and it is impossible with the cage anyways… lol I thought about a fantasy that I might masturbate to (in my mind lol) and decided to write this. But while I can think it quickly, when I put it down on paper, it becomes much more wordy. So it will likely be three parts anyways… Thanks Gem. So nice to see you visit!

  2. I love to see you posting again. This is fantastic. And it is so funny that you mentioned “no nut November”…the first time I heard that phrase was this morning! Daddy was telling me about it. I hope you and your Queen are well! Much love, my friend! XOXO

  3. Hi Michael, long time no see! When your blog dissapeared I suspected what had happened (and was right, sadly). For a while I kept searching for your blogging reincarnation (I kind of expected that you were not going to give up), but then I stopped. I tried again recently and – voila! It’s really good to see you posting again and I am glad that your lovely Queen and you are doing fine. Good luck with your blog!
    Best, Tom

    1. Author

      Hi Tom
      Thank you for the kind words. I do appreciate you looking for me… I will get this blog up and properly running over the next few months. There are still some things I need to figure out, but Caged Lion has been fantastic with helping me, and I will eventually have solved all my issues.

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