So I am late…  I wish all of you a very merry Christmas!  This restart of my blog goes slowly.  But I will eventually get better…  This has been a good Christmas as it is the first time in 2.5 years that everyone has been home (children and father).  Sadly, we had to cancel the plans to be with our entire family, but each household has immune compromised people to consider.  Perhaps next year!  In the meantime, I continue to be in a male cage and continue to be denied frequent orgasms.  My last orgasm was in Sept. 114 days ago!   lol

Some time ago, I discovered Reddit.  Recently, someone mentioned a book by Ms. Rika.  As it turns out, it is available on Amazon along with a few other books by her.  I’ve purchased “Uniquely Rika” and also “Uniquely Us”.  I may very well buy her other books too.

“Uniquely Rika” is a really excellent way of describing, introducing and guiding a couple in setting up a female led relationship–though the principles would apply to any service oriented D/s relationship.  I actually am going to ask my Queen to read it and perhaps we’ll adjust our relationship a little.  I’ve been doing the male chastity/caged penis thing for over 6 years now.  In the beginning, I spent a lot of time reading and hunting for resources.  This book really gives a wonderful overview and practical tips for setting up such a relationship.  I believe that women who are vanilla would find it a relatively unthreatening possibility after reading it.  Ms. Rika is in a female led relationship with her husband.  This relationship works very well for both of them.

I found her approach to be very doable.   It is based on the real world and not on fantasy.  Rika discusses how many go about trying to set up their D/s relationships and why many approaches fail.  She also talks about how you can succeed in a service oriented Dominant/submissive relationship.  Using her method, there is no role playing or acting.  Instead she suggests that D/s will extend you and enrich your relationship with your significant other.

I found this to be a readable and logical introduction to one type of FLR.  I honestly wish I had found it years ago.  If you are trying to convince your wife to be a part of an FLR, this book may give you the tools to approach her and also to change your behaviour so that you are acting in a real submissive way.

Uniquely Rika, by Ms. Rika  Copywrited in 2008 and published by    Available on Amazon for $29.95