Progression in Our FLR–Plus an Unexpected Orgasm!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted.  I must get better at this.  In some ways it’s because I’m frustrated with fixing this blog.  Caged Lion has offered to help, and I should take him up on that soon.  He is very good with technical things (and has a great blog–Male Chastity Journal–I recommend it highly).

I am very excited by recent changes in our relationship.  As mentioned earlier, I discovered Ms. Rika’s books.  I’ve read 2.5 of them so far.  More importantly, I’ve read the first one to my Queen.  Reading that book became a highlight of our week and this week we’ll start another of her books.  We’ve had some profound discussions as a result of our reading together.  But best of all, we are even more fully invested in our FLR.  My Queen found Ms. Rika’s explanations so much better than mine and I admitted to making mistakes along the way.  While I was always about pleasing my Queen, something has switched in my brain.  And my Queen is learning to embrace her dominance over me.  She still has guilt, but whenever she checks, Angus is hard in his cage.  That and my obvious love of pleasing her is helping her get over her guilt of demanding things from me.

She has even embraced the cage.  This sounds funny for a guy who has been caged for 6-7 years, but I think for most of that time, she was accepting the cage in deference to me.  Now she sees the value of the cage and has come to like it on me.  This is a huge switch.  Her “intent” is different.

I’ve had one orgasm this year.  My Queen decided I needed some salad dressing on my salad and told me to masturbate into my food.  So on Jan. 29th, I came onto my salad before cleaning my plate.  It actually was the first time I had masturbated in years.  Of course this was under her watchful eye! lol    One of our discussions centered on requiring me to clean up any cum I produced.  We discussed how this is exciting to me up until I actually cum.  Afterwards this is more difficult for me and she decided she will be much more stringent in making sure I do a good clean up job now.  So once the salad was finished, I had to lick the plate clean!

She also used the humbler on me a week ago.  Truthfully, she has done a few things to keep me on my toes.  Some have been very surprising.  Last Sunday, she wanted some attention and desired an orgasm, but she decided to keep me caged.  Almost always, she will remove the cage when we play.  However on Sunday she kept me caged and I used my mouth, toys and fingers to bring her to three orgasms.  I loved it!!  I admit that Angus was trying to push through the bars of the cage, but the jailbird is far too strong!  lol   It was only later that she removed the cage–and that was so she could put the humbler on me.

I’ll try and be more active on here and let you know what’s happening.  Stay well!


  1. WOW! What a huge shift in your FLR! This is VERY exciting, my friend. Wishing nothing but the best for you and your Queen. Great to see your writing again. XOXO

      1. Of course! I continue to LOVE following your journey. For some reason, I don’t get an alert when you comment back to me, but I will try to remember to come back and check for replies once in awhile. Hop you are well, my friend! XOXO

  2. Hi, I just happened to see your lovely blog as I was browsing the net looking for chastity sites and blogs. we have been married for 25 years and have a vanilla relationship. I would like to have an FLR relationship and be locked in a chastity cage but don’t know how to breach the subject to my lovely Wife since we’re relatively new to this kind of beautiful relationship. I’d appreciate it if you could help. thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi John
      Thanks for the compliment. I think you have to bite the bullet and broach the topic with her. I am a huge proponent of Ms. Rika’s philosophy. I’ve been in an FLR for a fair number of years, but since I found that book we’ve made changes and things are better than ever. I am actually reading all of Ms. Rika’s books to my Queen–we’re on the second one now. I think that the way Ms. Rika describes an FLR, most vanilla women would see the benefit of at least trying it. And if you are good at your end, they will likely want to continue. I know it’s hard to speak about something like this. Fear of rejection is uppermost in your mind. However if you have a good marriage and are confident of your love, the talk will go much better than you’ve imagined. What I might do is get a good cage in advance of your opening up. If you have the funds, go through Mature metal and purchase a custom made Jailbird. Follow their measuring instructions to the letter (maybe get it .5 inches shorter than they suggest) and practice putting it on. Then when you have your talk, you can either be wearing the cage, or have it to show her. The Jailbird can be worn virtually for ever without the need for removal. Hygiene is easy to maintain because of it’s design. And shaving will be mostly effective despite wearing it. There are a few hairs that you won’t be able to reach, but if you’re allowed out every so often, you can tidy those up then. I hope you have success and am always willing to try and help. Feel free to contact me again.

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