Growth… or Shrinkage?? lol

Our FLR is evolving.  With the help of Ms. Rika and her books, my Queen and I have been adjusting our relationship and we are both enjoying it.  I honestly love serving her.  Angus hardens as much as he can in his cage and I get a sense of accomplishment when she is obviously happy with what I’ve done for her.  I try and anticipate her needs.  I try and get her to relax–this isn’t easy, because she is a driven person and she feels guilt over everything that I am doing.  This is something that we’re working on–that loss of guilt.  I remember a passage in Uniquely Us that covered entitlement and guilt well–we’ve just started to read this book, so I’m hoping that passage will help my Queen.  Now I’ve been caged for a long time.  We started with a cage in 2014, and then tried it more extensively in 2015.  Since late 2015 or early 2016 I’ve been caged virtually every day.  However for most of that time, my Queen was having me be caged because I felt a need to do it.  At least that’s what I think.  She made me cage Angus for me.  But curiously, her feelings and thinking has changed.  We had a conversation recently where she told me frankly that she now sees the need to cage me.  She now wants me caged!  It was a wonderful moment for me.  However, I am now almost never out of the cage! lol   Not a bad thing, but a definite difference.  The last two times we played together, I remained caged.  My Queen’s comment to me was, “I now realize that I don’t need to uncage you to enjoy myself.” This is also a significant change, and one I embrace.  When we have sex, I want it to be all about her!  I enjoy feeling horny, and immensely enjoy giving her pleasure.  It leaves me feeling on a high for hours afterwards.  So our relationship is growing and it’s in a direction I am very happy to see.  I love my Queen passionately and serving her is just the icing on the cake.

Now the shrinkage portion of the title…  Logically, I can’t see cage wearing actually causing a man’s penis to shrink in size.  However, I believe that I’ve shrunk a bit.  My erections seem a little smaller than they used to be…  I don’t have a ruler handy when I am uncaged, and I’m not uncaged often, so this is a subjective observation.  And even if it were true, I wouldn’t change a thing.  But it is my thinking…  Of course I’ve been wrong before and will be again! lol


  1. I was in a relationship where I work age more on than off for almost 18 months. I did experience some shrinkage due to a buildup of a calcium deposit. I’ve been to three different neurologist and they were all told me same thing that the buildup caused a curvature and resulted in a loss of length and girth. So keep that in mind as you move forward. I believe my problem came from the cage being too small and I enjoyed the feeling of erections in the cage that I got but obviously the crimping list caused the calcium deposits

    1. Author

      Hi Fred,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m not too worried. I’ve been caged almost 7 years now. My cage is custom sized and is very comfortable. However your info is worth noting. I will watch for similar problems. Nice to hear from you.

  2. Auch ich werde von meiner Eheherrin (FLR) seit etwa 10 Jahren keusch gehalten mittels KG-Schelle. A-Ring 40 mm, Käfig ca. 2,5 cm lang, Dilator… und ich muss sagen, bei mir gibt es keine brauchbare Erektion mehr um meine Eheherrin zu penetrieren. Die Länge liegt nun noch so bei 5 – 6 cm und die erforderliche Härte fehlt vollkommen. Auch fällt er gleich wieder zusammen. Seit etwas mehr als einem Jahr hält sie mich never-inside. Orgasmen gewährt sie mir 3 – 4 im Jahr. Die muss ich mir aber selbst besorgen (Handarbeit). Das Ergebnis ist anschliessend sauber zu lecken. Meistens auf den Boden, auch schon mal auf ihre Stiefel.
    Sinn des KG ursprünglich war, dass ich keine Erektionen ohne ihre Einwilligung bekomme.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment. I looked up a KG clamp. If what I found is what you wear, then I’m not surprised you can no longer erect. Are you happy with how things are going in your life? To me, that is the biggest thing. I’m ecstatic with how things have been changing around here.

      1. yes, i’m very happy with my life and i like to wear my cage. Wihtout my cage, i feel naked.

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