My Queen needed gas so I took her car to fill it up for her.  As I arrived at the gas station, my phone rang.  It was my Queen.  She indicated that I was to drive home with my pants down.  This was an unexpected request and Angus started to swell in his cage.  I filled up and got back into the car.  Drove about 50 feet so I was out of the lights and dropped my pants.  I called my Queen and asked if she wanted to know when I arrived home–so she could see I had complied with her request.  No she said, send me a pic!

So I took a pic and sent it to her and then proceeded to drive the 2 km home.  Once there, I pulled my pants up and got out of the car.  Life is good!

So my L’October was longer than most.  The cage went on Sept. 21st and didn’t come off until the evening of Nov. 1st.  42 days or thereabouts.  My Queen was teasing me by making other lock up months.  She doesn’t read any chastity stuff, so has no knowledge of the other “official” chastity months… lol  So she came up with No-release November, Deny December, Jailed for January, Frozen February, May not release March…  She actually went into the summer with her ideas, but I can’t recall them now.

We had sex many times over those 42 days. My queen had 26 orgasms while I had none.  Angus was cramped each and every time, but that just adds to the fun.  I used my mouth, fingers, and toys to pleasure her and I had such fun doing it.  So while I’ve been caged since 2015, this was only the second time I’ve done L’October.  The Jailbird cage allows great personal hygiene.  Shaving is pretty easy too–there is a small amount of hair I can’t really get at with the cage on, but overall, I can be quite neat.  It seems I am now back to wearing the cage daily but sleeping cageless.  My Queen does like to have easy access to Angus when we’re in bed.

So I’ve been caged 24/7 since September 21.  The beauty of a Jailbird cage (by Mature Metal) is how easy it is to maintain personal hygiene and also how comfortable it can be.  We’ve found some time alone quite a bit this month, but Angus has not penetrated Kitty once! lol  Instead I’ve used my mouth, fingers and various toys.  My Queen has had ten-eleven orgasms so far and I’ve had none.  But I’ve gotten great pleasure from giving them to her.  She did say that I would receive a blowjob at the end of the month…  That will likely lead to an orgasm for me–and then her feeding me my cum with her mouth…  But we’ll see.  Currently it’s 46 days since my last orgasm which was an accident while we were in Mexico… That orgasm was also ruined, but still occurred.

My Very Sexy Queen

I have to say that Angus gets quite cramped when my Queen decides to tease me–visually or otherwise! This picture is from last weekend.  Wearing some crotchless panties and my shirt, I was very much enticed!


So as most of you are aware, for those of us who wear chastity cages, there are special months.  Likely the biggest of these is L’October.  As I’ve been caged for most of the past 7-8 years, it may come as a surprise that last year was my first actual L’October.  I was caged for every minute of the month.  This year, over the past 2-3 months, my Queen has had me caged most days but has had me free during sleep.  Wednesday Sept. 21st, the cage went on as usual, but when I went to go to bed, the key was nowhere to be found.  So I’ve been caged 24/7 since then and will be at least until the end of this month.  This really means I won’t have the cage off until Nov 1st at bed-time–if she decides.  lol

I’m fortunate that I have such a good cage.  The Mature Metal Jailbird is custom fit and I wear it problem free.  Further it’s open type design allows for very good hygiene.  Over the years I’ve tried other cages and have determined that tube style cages are just not for me.  They begin to reek within a couple of days so they must be removed for a full cleaning.  The Jailbird allows easy cleaning of Angus with every shower.  I’m even pretty good at shaving with it on.  There is a small area around the ring that I can’t access with the cage on, but the hair there is limited anyways.

I’m excited to be doing L’October again–even more excited as it was my Queen’s idea.  The thought of pleasing her sexually while caged is exciting too!  So I’m looking forward to this month of adventures.

It’s really amazing how good life can be with the right partner! To find my Queen took a large number of years.  One failed marriage before I found her and then a ray of light!  She also had a failed marriage–but her ex is a narcissitic jerk!  He can be charming in the short term, but eventually his true colours will show.  Still this post is not about either her ex nor mine.  (Mine is a good woman who just was wrong for me)

My Queen and I met through an on-line dating app.  She actually messaged me first.  I responded and within a day or two, we had spoken on the phone.  We spoke for a long time! lol  Hours actually.  And we spoke every night for 5 straight nights.  I was sleeping only about 2 hours a day.  Finally (in truth less than a week after connecting), we agreed to meet at a neutral spot.  So we picked a restaurant/bar about halfway between our homes and met in person.  We arrived about 8pm and then closed the place.  Even then we sat in her car for an additional couple of hours before reluctantly making our own ways home.  I told a good friend the very next day that I had found the person I was going to marry.

Since that moment, we have been almost inseparable.  We laugh together and are totally open with each other.  I told her very soon in the relationship that I liked to be dommed as I was submissive.  She was willing to try domming me and things went from there.  We have lived out some of our fantasies and others may yet come to fruition.  About 8 years ago I discovered male chastity cages. I purchased one and then ordered a custom made one.  About 7 years ago I opened up to my Queen about this new kink.  She agreed to try it.  Perhaps 5-6 years ago we officially made it an FLR relationship.  However it has only been this year that I think we are really moving to a totally 365/24/7 total power exchange.  And I’m loving it!  I just enjoy serving and pleasing her so much!  My orgasms aren’t as important to me as hers…

Cleaning the fish tank for my Queen.