So at this point in time, I have been caged for years.  It is second nature to me now–I don’t feel right without the cage.  However it was only about 9-10 years ago that I actually became aware of cock cages.  My Queen and I were walking together in a local sex shop (Stag Shop) and I noticed this particular cock cage.  Neither of us had ever seen one before and while my Queen wasn’t particularly taken with it, it immediately pushed all my submissive buttons.  Later I went back by myself and purchased it.  To be honest, I got lucky.  The cage actually fit pretty well.  I wore it off and on for about 6 months before I let my Queen discover it on me.  We went that way for quite a while with me wearing the cage for 2-5 days at a time.  Over time my Queen became more accustomed to the idea and we finally had a big discussion about the cage and my wearing it on a regular basis.  By this time, I had already bought a custom Jailbird by Mature Metal. However that is another story…


My first cage. It came with a hinged ring and was fortunately not a tube style design.

This is the only cage I’ve owned with a hinged ring.  I had to cut a piece of leather to put under the ring where the lock attaches.  This was to prevent pinching which I will admit to being quite unpleasant.  However once I put the leather there, the problem went away.  Like most cage designs where there are lots of openings, hygiene was easy to manage with this cage.  Further, with the sizing rings from Mature Metal and their measurement instructions this cage helped me get the perfect sized Jailbird.

What this cage taught me was how much I liked metal cages.  It taught me that open design cages could be easily cleaned as could the penis inside of them.  It also taught me that hinged rings were likely not the best way to go.  So for the last 8-9 years, I’ve been caged in my Jailbird almost exclusively.  I have tried other cages for short periods since then, but my Jailbird has been my cage of choice.  I will try and review the other cages I’ve used in upcoming posts.

The pinch point in this cage was the spot where the lock attached.

On another note, I  discovered Krystine”s FLR Podcast shortly before my first blog was terminated.  In fact I had agreed to be a guest on her blog.  Then I lost my blog and that plan seemed to evaporate.  Recently I rediscovered her blog and have been listening to it from the first episode.  I’m now into the second year.  Krystine is a dominant woman whose husband wears a cage and is submissive to her.  This is one of the podcasts I listen to regularly and I recommend it to you.  I use Spotify to listen though I’m certain other podcast sevices will also carry it.  Give Krystine a listen!

Before I lost my last blog, I had written and published more than 200 p0sts.  I received an email the other day from someone asking questions about my cage.  All those posts I had written had disappeared when my last blog was vaporized, so it seems I should likely speak about some of the important info related to wearing a cage.  At this point in my life, I’ve been mostly caged for the past 8 years.  My cage of choice is a Mature Metal Jailbird custom cage.  I’ve worn it non stop for as many as 98 days in a row–no releases.  That 98 day mark would have been longer, but I had to see an urologist and so the cage came off just before the appointment and went back on just after.  Didn’t want to involve my doctor in my kink.  The beauty of this cage is that hygiene is easily maintained while wearing it.  I use a shaving brush to clean the cage and Angus daily in the shower.  When I do remove the cage at my Queen’s behest, I will thoroughly clean it with a tooth brush.  This regime prevents odors and maintains the comfort.  I’m getting quite adept at shaving while wearing the cage.  There is only a small area that I can’t access with the cage on and so when it is off, I tidy that area up.

I do have other cages–I suppose all men who wear cages have many of them.  lol  I’ll do another post about these cages in the near future.  However I like the weight and look of the Jailbird.  When combined with the ease of maintaining hygiene, it is a clear winner.

The fantasy of wearing a cage often suggests that once caged, a male will do anything for his key holder to get it off and be allowed an orgasm.  This is fantasy.  However as a submissive male to my Queen I long to give her pleasure and make her life easier.  For me, the wearing of the cage is a constant reminder that she is my owner and that I must keep her in the fore front of my thoughts at all times.  I genuinely get great pleasure giving her pleasure.  But I just try to make her life easier at all times.   Some males will tell you that they get hornier wearing the cage for the first week or so and that then the horniness levels drop.  Again this isn’t me.  My level of horniness continues to rise the longer I wear the cage.  That is to me, one of the attractions of the denial and subjugation to my Queen.

Angus caged in his Jailbird with the Zapper on as well

Another thing that men will speak about is the difficulty sleeping in a cage.  By now, I’ve slept more than 2000 nights with a cage on her cock.  I have no problems sleeping.  Do I attempt to erect at night?  Yes I do.  I will occasionally awake to pee and realize that Angus has filled the cage.  I actually enjoy that feeling of Angus being confined.  It again says to me that I am owned and don’t have the right of erection whenever I wish.  That is hot to me!  I have sexual dreams often and will attempt to erect during the dreams.  My sleep remains undisturbed.  I think initially, there can be an acclimatizing period though where men and men’s bodies have to learn how to deal with the cage during sleep.  I suspect that this period is quite short for most men.  Anyone I know who is caged has no real difficulties with sleep.



Life slowly returns to normal after a death and ours is no exception.  Responsibilities must be met and physical attraction causes desires…  And trust me when I say that I am immensely physically attracted to my wife!  We are both working with coaches to improve our physiques.  In fact I just moved to a new and far better coach than I had before.  So this past week have been full of changes for me.  And I can see small changes today over where I was last week.  In addition to our training, we have set aside Sunday morning for some alone time.  Our son sleeps in Sundays which gives us a modicum of privacy.  That added to the fact that we have less responsibility on Sunday gives us freedom to laze away in bed.  So last Sunday we enjoyed each other.  I have been caged nonstop for most of March.  The past few times we’ve had sex, I’ve been caged.  I have enjoyed it immensely, but haven’t been able to erect and haven’t orgasmed myself.  Instead my pleasure has largely come from pleasing my Queen using my hands, mouth, vibrators, and dildos.  The last two times, I’ve worn a strap-on to penetrate her.

This is a huge turn-on for me, and I get hornier as a result.  Long time readers will remember how much I love that high level of horniness.  On Sunday, after we were finished, I asked my Queen if I could remove the cage for a moment to take a shot of Angus.  One of my readers (Georgia) had recently asked about a shot showing the marks on Angus after some excitement.  So when my Queen said yes, we took off the cage to take some shots.  Now Angus is not fully erect here, but you can clearly see the marks left by the cage after all the excitement of pleasing my Queen.    So this if for you Georgia!  lol

On the orgasm front, I haven’t had an orgasm in quite some time–and that’s ok.

From my Queen’s perspective
My view looking down from above

My Queen needed gas so I took her car to fill it up for her.  As I arrived at the gas station, my phone rang.  It was my Queen.  She indicated that I was to drive home with my pants down.  This was an unexpected request and Angus started to swell in his cage.  I filled up and got back into the car.  Drove about 50 feet so I was out of the lights and dropped my pants.  I called my Queen and asked if she wanted to know when I arrived home–so she could see I had complied with her request.  No she said, send me a pic!

So I took a pic and sent it to her and then proceeded to drive the 2 km home.  Once there, I pulled my pants up and got out of the car.  Life is good!

Since we decided to try and follow Ms. Rika’s methodology, I have been striving to serve my Queen and make her life easier!  But we’ve gone through some changes over these months.  At first I was caged without respite 24/7.  Then she decided I wasn’t to be caged anymore.  This resulted in me going free for about 6-8 weeks.  This was weird to me as I had been caged for so long.  It was weird to be able to use a urinal at work…lol  However about 3 weeks ago, she decided that during the day I would be caged and also would wear the zapper.  At night I would remove both for sleep.  Then last week, she had me stay caged for 5 days straight even when sleeping.  I’ve slept in the cage for about 7 years, so that is nothing for me, but it marked a change in her desires.  I don’t ask about the cage at all.  I just have decided to comply with all her wishes.  Serving her is not about me!

For those that are unaware, the zapper is a small dog collar that sends an electric shock.  This shock can be set at different intensities.  When wrapped around the scrotum, it sends a distinct message to me as quickly as she can press a button on the remote.  In other words, regardless of what I am doing or where I am in the house, she can “call” me effortlessly at the push of a button.  I have learned to quickly respond to her “query”… lol   The maximum shock is definitely something that gets my attention!

These pictures are of Angus caged and set up to be zapped whenever my Queen wishes.  For the foreseeable future, this is how I will be daily.