While I haven’t mentioned it in quite some time, we are still planning on having an FLR (Femdom) wedding. This will be a renewal of our vows, but the difference will be that I promise to obey and my Queen promises to accept my slavery and look after me…  We have only talked about it in generalities and no firm plans are in place yet.  We know where we want to go to have the ceremony (Vegas) and I will highlight that venue in a later post.  The beauty of the venue is that the marriage is legal–that is important to me. and that with prior arrangements, almost anything goes.  So I may be nude for some or all of the ceremony.  If any of my ideas are accepted, I might kiss my Queen’s ass or drink her urine as part of the ceremony.  But that is still to be determined.  Another thing that I am hoping to see happen while we are in Vegas is for my Queen to make use of the Cowboys4Angels gigolo service.

We often fantasize about another man or couple when we have sex.  Most often it’s another man and I think it would set our new marriage parameters off in the correct direction with a clear indication that my Queen’s happiness and satisfaction is the most important thing.  I would hope I’d be allowed in the room, but that would also be up to her.  I’m not sure she will go for this to be honest.  She may be content to keep this fantasy just that.  But I’m hoping that I can convince her to explore her pleasure in this way.  If it should happen, I do hope to be allowed to take pictures.  I expect I will be caged for the event so no orgasms will be expected for me.

Why do I want this??  First I really enjoy seeing my Queen experience pleasure.  She loves variety in everything she does–but hasn’t had any variety in the bedroom since meeting me.  We do all sorts of things, but it’s always just me.  I think she would enjoy a new experience.  When we were first dating, she found a pro-Domme and for one of my birthdays, she took me to her dungeon.  The two of them then proceeded to dominate me.  It was such an amazing gift that I’d like to give it back.  It also feeds my submissiveness.  Watching her experience pleasure with another man is very exciting and also a very submissive act.  I further imagine licking her pussy as she’s being fucked–even if we hire a cowboy, this is very unlikely to happen, but then it isn’t about me is it?  I would expect the cowboy to use a condom, but I fantasize that he doesn’t and he comes in and on her.  Then she makes me clean it up.  I clean up my own messes all the time now–just have never done another man’s clean-up.  Again that act is an exciting thought of submissiveness.  So if my Queen cucks me, it feeds my desire to see her pleased and also really feeds my submissive identity.

This is another post from my recovered files.  To this day, I think about these two people with sadness. And also with gratitude…

I’m not sure when I originally posted it, however here it is.

An Obit

This is an obituary–sort of.  Some time ago I started to follow a man.  He was a widower and lived in New Zealand–even though I didn’t know his location at the time.  He had a lack of confidence in himself sexually and was seeing a therapist to learn how to be better.  I enjoyed his posts–his honesty and his (dare I say it) innocence.  As time went on he introduced me to a neighbour.  She was also a widow and was a young 80 year old.  He told us in his charming way about how his friendship with her gradually became more than that.  We learned about her life and how she had been in a marriage without love, sex or passion.  This man awakened her.  He gave her passion and he gave her love.  He also awoke her sexuality.  They started to blog together!  Reading their posts was so much fun as they grew together and their love blossomed.  It was like reading a “feel good” movie.  Then a drop of darkness.  She started to suffer the onset of dementia.  Over time there was some good news as the dementia wasn’t as serious as they had feared.

Meanwhile they were living life large!  Each was smitten with the other.  I spoke about possibly meeting them in time–hoping that I could get to their lovely country while she was still “together”.  She told me not to wait too long.

Unfortunately I have.  The couple I’m speaking of were known on WordPress as Rex and Naomi.  Naomi had a mishap in May that seemed relatively minor.  She was in the hospital for a short time, but was released and was expected to be fine.  However she passed away shortly thereafter.  I’m grateful to Rex who let me know.  I know how heart broken he was, and he has stopped blogging.

Their story was a great love story.  I was so happy for the two of them.  They discovered each other and had a vibrant sex life despite what some people would say was advanced age!  Naomi showed me the joy of life.  In some respects she was very innocent.  In others she was wise and worldly.  She showed her wonder at experiencing passion and real love after 80 years of life.  I did have correspondence with her and found her to be a very kind woman.  She was gentle and shy.  But she was also very adventurous and willing to try almost anything.  She had a smile that lit up the space around her.  From what I know, she made others feel good.  I had hoped that she and Rex would have several years together, but alas, it was not to be.  I miss Naomi and I miss Rex.

I never met either of them in person, but I did come to know them–and felt like they were my friends.  Life is not always good.  Bad things happen.  But I wanted to say how Naomi and Rex had a positive effect on my life.  I wanted to say that I miss them.  I wanted to say how sad this news made me feel.  Rest in peace Dear Naomi.  Stay Strong Rex!


The above post likely was written sometime in 2016. So it is entirely possible that Rex is also no longer with us. Regardless, I still think of the both of them regularly.  Some people just stick with you over time.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered a file with some of my previous blog’s posts stored within it.  So I hope to eventually repost them here–though I no longer have the artwork in most cases.  This post was originally published on June 9, 2021 and was the last post prior to my original blog being erased.  So perhaps it was the straw that broke the camel’s back…lol

The Post:

This post is not suitable for work!  It deals with golden showers.

I’m in a great relationship.  I love my Queen and she loves me.  We laugh, have fun together and support each other.  The sex we have is volcanic.  In my first marriage, there were things I never told my wife.  After all, if simple and what I consider small kinks are rejected out of hand, bringing up more extreme kinks is not going to happen.

So I decided to be up front when I started dating after my first wife and I split up.  I wanted to make sure that whomever I ended up with was compatible sexually with me.

I therefore broached some uncomfortable subjects with my Queen very early on–some on our first date even!  She was receptive and didn’t make me feel stupid or freakish.  But I still didn’t tell her everything.

After we had been dating for a while–maybe 6 months–I took the plunge and told her about needing to be dominated.  She is a very strong woman who is dominant in many aspects of her life so she agreed to try it.  She was good at it, though she found it was work to stay in character.  She doesn’t like to treat me harshly or firmly, but she has improved greatly in this.  We tended to do occasional weekends where I was her slave or sometimes evenings after the kids were in bed.  It wasn’t all the time.

Wanting to learn more, she contacted a pro-domme in the city and arranged a two hour session for the two of us.  It was to be part of my birthday present.  She would learn from the domme and I would be the slave of both of them.  It was an exciting evening and I enjoyed it immensely.  Life was good and kept getting better but I still hadn’t told her of one of my kinks.

Finally one night while she was in dominatrix mode, I told her my desires.  I liked to be peed on–and I liked it on my face!  I’m not sure if I told her I liked to drink it at that point.  Maybe 0r maybe not!  It would become clear soon afterwards anyways.  Telling her this was very difficult for me.  I had never been more open with anyone and yet this felt shameful to me!  However she still didn’t make be feel awful.  She remained open and we discussed it.

She agreed to give it a try.  In her home (we each had our own homes at this point), she had a large oversized jacuzzi tub.  It was longer, wider, and deeper than a conventional tub.  As she was dominating me, I was already naked.  And as she drinks litres of water every day, it wouldn’t be long before she needed to pee.  A short while later she told me to go and get into the tub.  She followed me into the room.  “So how do we go about this?” she asked.  She climbed into the tub as well and after trying out several positions, we figured out one that would work.  I was kneeling between her thighs and was in perfect position to please her orally.

Now there is such a thing as bein “pee shy”.  Despite my Queen needing to go very badly, it wasn’t happening.  She laughed and seemed embarrassed.  I told her it would happen and not to worry.  I suggested she turn on the sink tap–that maybe the sound of running water might help her let go.  After a little while, she started to dribble and I feverishly started to lap at her pussy drinking her at the same time.  She started to relax and suddenly I was immersed in a deluge of golden liquid.  I drank and kept licking and teasing her.  She was excited and came just as she finished peeing!  It was a very satisfying experience for the both of us.

Giving me golden showers became something that happened regularly!  The pee shyness did not return.  We started doing it in a variety of ways.  Sometimes I get to drink from the source.  Sometimes she pees into a glass and I drink it.  Once at a fet night, she took a beer cup into the washroom, filled it, and gave it to me on exiting!  I walked around that event as her slave while drinking her urine.

My Queen peeing with her funnel

The original post had a short video at this point.  I no longer have that video–and I haven’t figured out how to include videos on this blog anyways… One of these days! lol

I’m still working on my Femdom Wedding post and I have decided to try and include more detail in my posts here.  A reader suggested to me that she appreciates details and that many of my posts are lacking them.  Looking at my posts from my first blog and comparing them to the ones I have found, I have to agree.


The owner of the photograph in my featured image is Philippe Hickx (from Flickr).  I may have to take it down if he requests I do so.

So I am an exhibitionist.  When I was younger I modelled for art classes.  I actually modelled for over 20 years, but haven’t done any modeling now since around 2017.  One of the last times I modeled, I forgot I was caged and was well on my way to the site before I realized I was still wearing it.  So I had to turn around and go back home to remove the cage and this made me late for the class.  However I didn’t think they would have appreciated my being caged.  Thankfully my Queen let me remove the cage!  My Queen and I have gone to nudist clubs and Fet nights where clothing was optional.  I do find it exciting to be nude in public.  My Queen was seldom naked–but if I had the chance, I was.  lol  Relatively early in our relationship, I lost a bet to my Queen and had to strip at a ladies night at a strip club.  It was amateur night.  I actually had to pay the DJ to strip that night.  lol  That was an unknown when I made the commitment.  The whole experience was both exciting and nerve wracking!  But I did it.  Some of the women actually flashed me while I was stripping too.  So that was an added bonus!

I’m not sure why I have this kink.  But I’ve had it all my life as I can remember things from when I was 5 and 6 years old.  lol

Curtsying to my Queen

Above I’m in costume.  This is how my Queen wants me to be when we’re alone.  I actually have several aprons to wear as she decides.  Perhaps some day she will tell some of her closest friends and I’ll be asked to dress this way in front of them.  That will be a big high for me!

I’m working on organizing a femdom wedding.  We are going to renew our vows and I’ve found a cool place and person to conduct this wedding in Vegas.  I will be posting more about this in the near future.

Sometimes we just have to get away.  So we booked a hotel room and travelled to a nearby city to see a play.  The beauty of this is that we leave all kids behind… Despite it being just an overnight trip, we had some high quality time together.  We left just after noon and had an early dinner at an excellent steak house.  Because we were going to be having a metal detector wanded over us and my queen wanted easy access to Angus, she removed my cage before we left. We checked into our hotel which was surprisingly nice and went to the theatre.  We enjoyed the performance before returning to the hotel where we relaxed together before going to sleep.  As I kissed my Queen good night, she decided she wanted an orgasm.  Using my mouth and a vibrator, my Queen had a lovely orgasm and we went to sleep.  In the morning, we played some more and my Queen had another three orgasms.  It was a great time and we both had a fabulous time.  No orgasms for me, but I’m content!

Regardless of who you are, it is always important to make time for each other.  These mini “vacations” help to break things up and keep life interesting and full.  I hope to regularly schedule something similar until we can actually get away for an extended period of time.