So my Queen decided not to remove the cage last weekend.  That was ok… We played and I had immense fun, while my Queen had several orgasms.  I so enjoy giving her orgasms and pleasure that I don’t necessarily need to cum myself.  We used the Womanizer, and the Palm Power Vibrator along with my tongue, fingers, and a strap-on.  I had a blast and my Queen did too!   She had planned another session later in the day on Sunday when my son came home early.  He had told us he wouldn’t be home until Monday morning so it was disappointing for him to arrive at home just after supper was finished!  So out last session on Sunday ended up being cancelled.  Too bad… I don’t think I can ever get enough of my Queen–especially after being caged non-stop since Sept. 17th!!

Having Angus caged really drives my horniness!  I mentioned to her that I had thought she wanted to unlock me this past weekend to see if the hormonal ring was doing anything to make intercourse more comfortable.  She looked at me and said, “It’s only another week till L’October is over!  You can stay caged–at least until then, though maybe longer!”  This was exciting to me, and Angus filled the cage! (It occurs to me that newer readers may not understand this comment.  My Queen named my penis “Angus”.  The comment “filled the cage” refers to Angus trying to erect.  That is impossible of course, but Angus will push against the bars and bulge out of the cage.)  She said it so casually and with a matter of fact expression.

So we haven’t really determined if the hormonal ring has helped penetration.  The toy we use for strap-on use is smaller in girth and also in length.  There were no issues with it this past weekend but there haven’t been many issues with it previously either.  One thing though, this past weekend, my Queen indicated that penetration wasn’t perhaps the important thing it once was. She had several very powerful orgasms without penetration.  Perhaps my future will feature more in-cage playing…   Time will tell!

I’ve been in chastity since 2015.  Before that I flirted with it for a year or so…  So I’m not new to this lifestyle.  My beautiful wife is my Queen.  We’ve been in an FLR for several years now!  To be honest, most of the time it’s business as usual, but sometimes, it becomes very obvious who’s in charge.  My kids (adults now) chastise her at times for being bossy, but we just grin and move on with life.  At any rate I had never told my Queen about L’October.  However this fall, I told her about it and the other special months (no Nut November, Deny December, and the International Chastity Month (Jan 14th to Feb. 15th)).  After speaking about this, she decided we’d do L’October this year.

I’m lucky I’m in a Mature Metal Jailbird.  Good hygiene is easy in this cage.  So it doesn’t have to ever come off.  I’ve been in it non-stop now since Sept. 25th (I think-some time around there anyways).  Even when we’ve played, I’ve used my mouth, hands, and toys to pleasure her.  I’ve remained caged.  The pressure of Angus trying to erect is exciting and I find it sort of pleasurable.  She has smaller fingers than me, and can tease me through the bars of the cage.  That I also find very pleasurable. lol

Normally, she will remove the cage when we play thus freeing Angus.  She will often desire penetration which I will provide though I’m not usually allowed to cum.  So this month has been different.  We’ve played and I’ve remained caged.  I actually love this.  It thrills me to be used and to be able to give her pleasure while not being allowed to cum myself.  Not being allowed to even erect is fabulous! So I’m enjoying L’October immensely.

I did expect to be taken out of the cage today though.  Those of you who followed my older blog will remember that my Queen had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately since that surgery, penetration has been difficult.  She has had a lot of pain.  I’ve had to be very careful and had to move very slowly when penetration happens.  Further, we have to find that “magic” position.  Suffice it to say that penetration hasn’t been as good as my Queen desires.  I certainly can’t pump her vigorously as she likes.

To that end, she was finally able to see her gynecologist at the end of September.  He established that it wasn’t my girth that was the problem, but rather a lack of elasticity in her vagina–the result of the surgery.  So he prescribed some sort of hormonal ring to be placed high inside her.  This was to secrete some necessary hormones that should help with the problem.  It was to take 2-3 weeks to become effective and went into her on Sept. 30th.

She wanted to try intercourse and see if it worked this weekend.  I told her that L’October was her decision and if that’s what she wanted, Angus would be freed.  So I was expecting to be freed this weekend–but as I write this, I don’t think it will happen.  We’ve played and I’ve remained caged.  We will likely play again today (we’re child free this weekend), but she’s indicated I’ll be staying caged.

So perhaps I’ll be using the strap-on on her!  That is a weird feeling.  To be fucking someone and to have no sensation in Angus is strange.  And yet I enjoy it as I really like to give her pleasure!  So is L’October different for me?  Yes… Yes it is!  And that’s ok.  In fact, it’s better than ok!  Maybe she’ll have me do this more often.  I find it extremely arousing to be giving her pleasure while caged.

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