Living in Canada, we have one of the great countries of the world with many wonderful things.  However yesterday it became apparent once again how dependent we all are on our technology.  One of the largest providers of internet services in Canada lost service yesterday.  Rumours that I’ve heard say the cause was a Tornado thousands of miles away from us and yet it effected every Canadian.  This company controls/runs the debit for the whole country.  So at the moment, no one in Canada can use a debit machine–credit or cash only!  And if the company is your provider, then you have no phone service nor internet.  Somehow I believe there should be a much better backup system.  My father panicked yesterday when he had no television and phone.  Those are his lifelines and as he’s almost completely immobile, he relies on them for contact with the outside world and also for entertainment.  A media release last night suggested that they were working feverishly to correct the problem… duh… You think???  No time frame for repairs were given.

On the chastity front I think I’m approaching almost 2 months cage free.  My Queen has decided she prefers easy access.  I kind of miss it–but if I serve her, then I need to do what she wants.  This morning she slept in.  Like the good slave I am, I merely lay beside her without disturbing her.  At one point she threw off the covers.

It was all I could do to leave her alone… lol